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  1. I made a thread, about half a year ago, about how I could no longer start the game. The thread seems to be gone now, but the game still won't start for me no matter what I do. Back then, whenever I'd try to start it, a window would open and then promptly close. Steam would update my "last played" time/date to whenever I tried to open the game, even though it failed to open. So just now I reintalled it again to see if any updates had fixed the problem. The problem is different now. When I try to open it, it crashes the Steam bootstrapper and Steam does not update my "last played" time/date. I still cannot open the game. I would really like to play again and see what has changed. How should I try to figure out/solve the problem? Thank you! EDIT: I'll review this thread again: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/598/faq-i-m-having-trouble-launching-the-game-what-should-i-do I remember the steps not helping in my case, but it's been a long time. Specifically, I remember that the game wasn't producing any logs. Sorry I started a separate thread instead of posting in that one.
  2. @thomascomics No. What do you mean? Pitch black darkness? I can't play the game at all right now (http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/982/game-won-t-open), but that's never happened to me. It should get darker but not so dark it's difficult to see.
  3. Starting yesterday, We Happy Few won't open. If I try to open it (by clicking on the desktop shortcut or by clicking "play" in the Steam client), the pointer animation indicates that it's doing something for one or two seconds and then nothing happens. A Steam window opens for a brief instant but it's too quick for me to hover over it and see what it is. I don't think this was the result of any recent update. Yesterday I purchased fraps and tested it out on WHF. The resulting video couldn't be deleted. Many problems occurred between then and now as I tried to figure out a way to delete the test video. I don't remember most of the details. Problems such as Chrome and Opera not opening for a while. Now everything seems to be resolved, except We Happy Few won't open and I can't figure out what the problem is or how to fix it. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling a few times but that doesn't fix the issue.
  4. Yes, the alarm/fuse scenario. Once you're in the room with the multitool, don't leave the game and come back. The fuse door will shut behind you and you'll have to start a new game. I imagine this happens for the same reason televisions turn off and the street monitors despawn.
  5. I'm starting to realize how serious the problem with the doors is. He can't get in, but he's a real good sport about it. Look at that smile!
  6. I just meant that the song I linked didn't really work as general ambience. There are fewer contexts for it.
  7. I notice there's fall damage now. "Leave all the windows open so you can jump out of any of them at a moment's notice" is still a valid strategy, but you have to watch your health if such an emergency arrives.
  8. Starting a new game and slowly realizing it's a new build was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the Wastrels (and later Wellies) unexpectedly dodging my attacks. It made them seem more real without being irritating. It seems Wellies are quicker to run away as well, but perhaps I'm imagining that. The new crafting recipes for the suits make a lot more sense. It was already possible to craft them without a table though.
  9. I guess I'll throw Tiny Tim in here. Seems fairly appropriate. I've looked up several different guides but I can't figure out how to embed youtube videos, so here's a . I'm probably thinking more in terms of something Uncle Jack might play for us.
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