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  1. I would have loved to see Arthur jump off that bridge to give a true bad ending.
  2. Why? Death is part of this game. Ollie's child, Sally's entire family (until Gwen).
  3. While we're on the subject of video game cliche, how about Zombie-Nazis? Zombie Nazis from outerspace come back after the war was lost, and destroy Wellington Wells. You must go around the destroyed Wellington, finding guns, and ammo on dead bodies, and shooting Zombie Nazis. There will be downers and Wellies working together. How? Well each one will have quests such as "find me 10 bear furs" Once completed, you get a useless item in return. You'll also get a sidekick. A badass overpowered (only in cutscenes) female sidekick with big boobs and wearing nothing but a bikini for all those JRPG and Western-style High-Fantasy fans out there. In fact, I HOPE Compulsion games runs with your idea of audio logs and the rest! Good idea UncleJackSays!
  4. This questions was asked on Steam by someone who noticed Wal-Mart selling the XBox version with a Dec 31st date. One of the "Developers" said it's a supply-side place holder, and is temporary. I looked at the release date for Target and Wal-Mart and they both have that date for PS4 and Xbox. To me, that just means if something goes wrong, the release date might be pushed.
  5. Been wondering myself. Got a bit of LSD influenced "Sgt Pepper" vibe to it. One of Arthur's trailers has a song that sounds suspiciously like Chad and Jeremy's "Summer Song" or The Seekers "Georgie Girl"
  6. The "Sunshine pop" and UK pop of that era; PERFECT for the premise of the game. But it's definitely understandable. ESPECIALLY considering this is an alternate timeline from the 1940s and on. You guys hit the bulls-eye when you found the actor to play Uncle Jack. Here's hoping the artist you guys have found for the OST is just as brilliant. Thanks Naila.
  7. Stumbled upon this while watching a Jim Sterling vid expecting a ton of snarky comments, and a bad early access. Imagine my shock. I'm just plain excited now! I've got a big interest in the Eisenhower era (for us Americans) and a bit of an Anglophile circa 60s: "Bond" "Benny Hill" "The Animals" "To Sir With Love" I can't find the discussions for my questions, so I'd like to ask here. Soundtrack and book won't be shipped until the game is out (pre-order Backerkit) correct? And what exactly is in the soundtrack? I'd like to think the pop/rock music from that era might make its way in...
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