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  1. Yup, I mean would you want to face 2 f**king bobbys? I mean sure I had a hammer pipe but still my god they are tough.
  2. I actually accidentally ran into the laser and tripped the alarm, the bobbys broke down the door and I was hiding under the bed http://i.imgur.com/h8DtPJ3.jpg
  3. Hmm that does sound quite suspicious, it should only take about a day for you to get your code, but you should probably receive the code soon what with the "pending" after all I got mine in about a day.
  4. Yup, actually found both dark linen and fancy linen in the scenario with the fuses in a dresser, heh sorry about that.
  5. Its been a while since ive played we happy few and I come back to it and to make suits you have to have linen, like dark linen, fancy linen, tough linen blah blah how do I get it is it just in houses or something? can I get it off the old ladys like sewing kits? any help would be good. thanks.
  6. Don't exactly know how to post screenshots I have one saved but like I said I don't know how to show it
  7. The only thing I really want to know is where to find them, ive found 2 in safes and 1 in a wardrobe like cerulean, are those the only places I can find them? if not where else can I find them?
  8. Well I backed them 2 days ago and got my pre-alpha yesterday, still no sign of soundtrack and artbook so im gonna say no not until the game is out and as for what the soundtrack is, usually its all the music from the game, if that's what your asking.
  9. How exactly do you stop it, does it just go away or?
  10. Hmpt well then again i have only gotten the game today but still no i havent found it, i have found the shovel all about the garden though.
  11. Wow, suit huge? are they better than the hammer pipe or whatever?
  12. I have seen the cricket bat on some videos of we happy few like this one but I haven't seen it around the game, is it in the game right now or is it going to be brought in soon?
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