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  1. I also made a highlights video if you guys don't have two hours to spare watching me fooling around in the game
  2. Afternoon guys, hope you're having a lovely Monday. I streamed a couple hours of We Happy Few yesterday afternoon, and I thought posting a link to the footage would be helpful for you guys to see the game in action and what needs work. I was very impressed. I honestly wasn't expecting to be engaged so fully and so quickly. I think the way that all of your characters' needs develop is very realistic and doesn't feel too quick or too slow., and as you can see from the footage, it can get quite stressful if you don't keep an eye on everything you need to keep playing! Constructive feedback, at the moment it just feels like a big sandbox in which you need to survive, but I'm sure that a more cohesive story structure is going to be introduced at a later date. Please watch the video and let me know what you guys think, I'm definitely going to make a new one in a few months time when the game has been developed some more. Thanks a lot!
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