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  1. Midsummer Night's Dream! I am taking a Shakespeare class & I had slowly realized the lines in We Happy Few! Thank you so much for replying!!!
  2. I had realized that Arthur quoted Macbeth no long ago. "It's a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing" Act 5 Scene 5 & the title of the game We Happy Few is also said in a speech by Henry V in Act 4 Scene 3. I'm curious is there someone that is working on the game that really likes Shakespeare???
  3. I actually questioned a few things about the children. Some are.... Where they send to the war at a certain age? Did they get taken away because of the war? Does taking too much joy cause some kind of infertility? Where the children taken to the parade district to become bobbys ? I know some of these are probably a bit much
  4. The worst thing you can do is not take your joy
  5. I had this issue multiple times, honestly I restarted I couldn't continue without her code & that I know there isn't any way to get another either way the motilene vacuum is only used to power up the power cells it doesn't have much use for the main story at the moment
  6. In the previous update in the train station , when you could use cheats to go through walls or fly around, you can see some signs on the wall that I believed said something about children over 13 aren't allowed on the train or something related to that , so I think either the children were taken away when the war happened or they were sent to war
  7. I also have had that quest , not often tho I only gotten it twice in the number gameplays I have done so far
  8. It is possible to find the doll but from what I have tried but I can't pick it up for some reason & if you don't want to search for it you can also buy ephemeral cloth in the shop
  9. There is you need to craft the Phenocycline Syringe once you find the recipe you will need a syringe , antiseptic , 2 filtered water
  10. To be honest I probably start over , which I have with some glitches. Maybe if they updated it probably fix it , there are some updates that either way require you to start again
  11. Has this happened multiple times ? Because for me I actually did the whole run in one sitting without saving just because the quest would glitch every time I would save
  12. It took me a few tries with faradays workshop , I don't know know how but there where times where faraday was in the bedroom down stairs floating after either saving the game or it does it on its own so I had to restart at those times. Are you stuck at a certain spot in Faradays workshop?
  13. I did two days ago , I really like how it was left off so far. I can't wait for the full version
  14. You use it on the cars, go up to the front of the car , it will give you the option to use it
  15. The only place I have noticed you can use it is where there is a broken pipe guarded by two bobbies , you have to fix the pipe & have an empty power cell. But that's if you need it to fill up a power cell. If you have the bucket then you can go fill that up at the old lady tea party garden or downer investigation. Most things on the map won't be marked you have to explore around to find them then it gets marked on the map
  16. The constable's key card is inside the one of the two crate right by the fire pit. If you really don't want want to get the apples or the explosives inside the fence of the Apple tree , you can run up to the crate open it and take the card then run away
  17. Yes, that's how I did it. It actually took me awhile to figure it out as well so once you enter go to the box and shut it off then the doors should open then reverse the second box . But for the shutters on the second floor there didn't open for me , I don't know if I did something wrong or if it isnt implemented in the game yet to go in even further.
  18. Instead of reversing the polarity you have to shut it off to open the shutters , for the first box then I switched the polarity in the second box
  19. Usually the option is right there , it then takes it straight out of your inventory it most likely a bug I tend to start over for me when I get the issue
  20. For the Lily bulbs I had the same problem , it wouldn't let me give them to her. I sometimes have to try to move around the person to give or get certain items so the option is available. I also had problems helping the couple get to the next city, I kept getting attacked as if she was a dead body yet she was alive?
  21. You fill up the bucket at the old lady tea party garden , it is all the way in the back of their little garden , you will find a broken pipe but beware they will scream once you start filling it up
  22. Nellie


    By merchandise do you mean like the soundtrack and artwork that come along with your purchase the game?
  23. Nellie


    I am moving soon , can I change the address of where the game gets shipped to or is that a different process?
  24. The old ladies are probably the scariest thing in the game >,< ! Sounds like a death wish Dx ! Unless the doc is scarier then the old ladies not sure if that is possible in the future once the doc comes into place
  25. I decided to go on we happy few today doing the usual looking around trying, to survive breaking and entering into homes. So I entered a house, took down the alarms along with the people that live there. But I left the house from the front door , then everyone would not stop looking at me ( I did have the fab suit on ) then it went down hill from there. But other times I have done the same thing and none of the citizens seem to be bothered by it. This happens every now and then but I didn't really think about it until today. I'm just curious on how come this happens from time to time. I'm sorry if this sounds like a bad question.
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