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  1. Good Stuff: Health meters for NPCs are easier to read PC statuses persisting for a moment after eating, drinking, etc so you can tell whether you're full or just above the threshold is very helpful. Tracking quests is helpful LOVE that power cells and attack ducks stack now Glitches, mostly related to quests: Ghostly hallucination meant to lead to dig site just...wouldn't move. Nudged her a bit but she never walked. Mysterious missing NPCS - the Campfire/Rubber Duck Stew NPCs never spawned, though the duck did, likewise the Yam worshippers (though the audio cue for stealing the yam fired properly) Faraday stopped speaking, rendering the quest unbeatable. When talking to Faraday, Arthur used both his normal bark (lovely day, etc) and his response to her (How can I help?) Vendors also stopped speaking (though it was still possible to barter) Lots of lag, this time around, even after dropping to medium graphics and restarting twice. Very stuttery. Couple game crashes for no discernible reason. Wishlist (all inventory related): Sort button for inventory and safe Inventory stacking down instead of sideways (It's not full, Arthur. The entire bottom row is empty.) Smart stacking of pocket items (i.e., when there is just one alcohol in a quickslot but you can't pick up another because the inventory is full.) Still loving the game. It's exciting to see how quickly it's developing!
  2. "Mom? Dad? It's me. I've come home." (may not be word for word)
  3. I know we already have a screenshot thread (which is awesome) but I'm thinking we should show off our favorite places/things in game. Favorite bunker layout, favorite Garden house, favorite bridge encounter, favorite phrase uttered by an NPC. (For me it's probably the "why did you take the vanilla? You know it doesn't work for you!" lament.)
  4. If it's a reference to Remembrance Day, then it's a red poppy which was adopted as a reference to the poem In Flander's fields. (Written by a Canadian soldier but used throughout the commonwealth.) In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
  5. I didn't see any grandmas nearby but it's possible that the granny alarm got triggered and never went off.
  6. Here's a weird bug. So I MAY have murdered a bobby for his security card. But three days later, every Wellie was still aggroing on sight. Even standing alone in a hatch, wearing a fancy suit and hopped up on joy and without a weapon in hand, the suspicion icon occasionally flashed red. Saving and restarting the game fixed the problem but it was very odd.
  7. I'd absolutely take more landmarks in lieu of a minimap. I understand the need for immersion but for me, immersion is more broken by needing to pull out the map every time I exit a house having committed serial murder. "Which way was the edge of the island again?"
  8. And update the next: despite being gone, I got the prompt in the next house and it worked just fine, alarm lights changed to blue. Device still isn't in the inventory though.
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or just not relevant yet but in a Wellie house, I have the option to "place anti-future device" in an alarm system terminal but after holding V for the appropriate amount of time, nothing actually happens. The device stays in my inventory, the prompt reappears on the screen. Edit: scratch that, after a couple more tries, the device is gone but the prompt remains.
  10. Oh man, count me on Team Minimap. My IRL sense of direction is really good but my in game sense of direction is awful. I'd love a minimap just for orienting myself (I use the compass constantly and the map frequently as well, which I imagine must look odd to the citizens.) A minimap that filled in as one went (like the old Neverwinter Nights style) would be so helpful. Likewise tooltips on points of interest.
  11. Another thing I have repeatedly done is try to make purified water when my inventory is full. The purified water is going to take up the joy water space, so why do I need an extra two slots open? I imagine it's a logic question, first the code checks for space, then it makes the thing but it's a little silly when the sum of the parts is smaller than the whole. It's not like water bottles stack (which is good for realism but painful for space. Where AM I carrying all of this in my suit anyway?)
  12. First impression of the game is that it's a delight. I love sneaking around and listening to conversations, trying to figure out what happened that caused the Joy-pocalypse. The story has me completely hooked and I love learning more. I dearly wish for subtitles because the Wellies and Wastrels can be hard to make out at times and even after adjusting music and sound effects down, it still seems like voices are consistently quieter than anything else. Wishes: Better day/night division in the Garden District -- unless it's a plot point, obviously. My first death occurred on Day 3, which was a shock to me because I hadn't noticed that I'd already been through two "nights". It's much easier to tell in Town. Ability to turn off the "intro" box. Yes, it's just a simple Tab when you start the game but I know what's up after the first run. It'd be nice if it only showed up the first time. Tooltip for how to unlock more inventory/holster/etc space. Then at least I'd know what I'm failing to find. "Lovely day for it" should reset a rising yellow suspicion, IMO. Or at least lower it a significant amount. Right now there's no reason to stop and LDFI since it doesn't help. Bugs: Starting bunker: The model with the second room was bugged. Nothing in the second room could be interacted with (bed, chest, etc.) Stuck bobbies - These four chaps just danced in place threateningly. I stuck around for a good two minutes teasing them before walking right past into town. Interrupting houses - I think I saw this reported in another thread but here's a couple more examples of colliding houses in town. The one intruding into the stairs prevented me from exploring the rest of the house. Texture issues and transparent trees: (The flag and the dark patch to the right also showed through the tree.)
  13. Yes, @Naila! And now I have screenshots to upload.
  14. I like this lady. So polite, with her modern art on the wall behind her.
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