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  1. Ahh I knew it! im pretty keyed up on history and that's why I like the idea of alternate realities. Loving the pre alpha so far!
  2. First of all, I loved the gamescomm trailer! But something caught my military eye, I don't know whether anyone else has already noticed but, in one of the scenes there is, from what I can tell, an unexploded V-1 flying bomb wedged floor of an attic. A small detail I know but it's got me wondering about how the Germans invaded England and what's going on underneath the dystopia.
  3. The chap said that they don't deal with the distribution or payment, only the surveys and that he couldn't help me. Bit a nuisance to be honest.
  4. Hello chaps, I having a bit of an issue with my backerkit Pre-Alpha Pre-order in the fact that I cannot complete the payment despite completing the survey as mentioned in one of the previous posts. Am I doing something wrong or am I going insane? Thanks, cant wait to try the Pre-Alpha!
  5. Same thing mate, I only backed it yesterday, but I haven't been charged for it yet or anything like that.
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