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  1. Hi, I'm one of the environment artists on We Happy Few. Both of these schools seem to have similar courses. The second one seems to have more environmental modelling courses. Although that is the case, and I know I will sound cliche saying this: It's not really about the school, it's about your self-motivation and how far you want to go. Most of the stuff you will learn, no matter the school you're going to, is on your time looking tutorials on the Internet and relentlessly trying to improve your work and asking for feedback. If I was you, I'd try to contact past graduates from these two schools and hear their opinions. It's the best way for you to find out wether or not you'll get great teachers, that will be able to guide you and give you great tips, therefore helping you to make less and less errors. PS. Your school colleagues are very important as well. You'll learn invaluable knowledge from them. It is important to learn how to approach critique and its benefits at improving your craft. Money really shouldn't be a deciding factor. Expensive private schools and classes are (probably) not going to do you more good than your typical "Diplôme d'études collégiales" in 3D. If you want to discuss further about this (and I can suggest schools), you can mail me (English/French) at marcandre@compulsiongames.com
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