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  1. Hi! I've just found the Haute Cuisine quest. I've knocked out one guard, killed the other, and yet there's no option to rescue the chef. I even have the key... Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks!
  2. Update: Had the option to give the sick Wastrel another pill and the prompt to take something from the crate came back. 2/3 bread gone and no change. I took the 3rd and still nothing.
  3. Hello! I got as far as giving the wastrel the pill and opening the crate. I took one item only and the quest is still telling me to take one. So I took one more... Nothing changed. I'm reluctant to take anything else. I watched Jacksepticeye play this and he didn't have a problem, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!
  4. I haven't played We Happy Few for a while now, mostly because I was moving across the world, and when I tried to start it up it wouldn't work. I got a notie that Bootstrapper wasn't working, and then the option to wait or close the program. Then Steam crashed. It doesn't seem to matter where I try to launch from, desktop or Steam, the game won't start. I've completely uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried again with the same results. I even used the windowed line mentioned here to have the game opened in windowed mode instead of fullscreen. I'd really like to play this again, can anyone help me please? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the comments guys I'm still not a fan of permadeath, but like erikvonriese pointed out having some of your crafting/rare item progress saved would make this much more enjoyable to play. I'm not looking for easy, I'm just looking for something that doesn't mean insane amounts of grindy-gathering when I fuck up. So far my sneaking skills need work. There're a few good reasons I play Titan and tank is most games...
  6. So I love this game, I really honestly do. Simple simulation games are my jam but anything that can combine the dystopian world-building I love in Bioshock and the crafting/survival of a Simulation has my ears perked. So beginning to play I was incredibly excited - but also worried. I didn't really know what to do, obviously, which meant trial and error. I was painfully surprised to realise that even if I saved, it didn't really mean anything if I died. I like to explore things (places) and try out different combinations to see what works best with my play-style. So dying by rotten fruit and fungi was -not- the way I had thought I'd go. I'm still procedurally slaughtering all the wastrels in my start area and stealing all their worldly possessions but it isn't entirely based on my hoarding-survival instinct. I'm afraid to make progress in the game and then suddenly keel over and have to start again. I understand a lot of people like permadeath for the challenge of it, but I certainly don't. If a game has permadeath, I can almost promise with 100% certainty that I won't buy it. I've already technically bought this game by backing it, but I really hope that permadeath isn't a permanent fixture. Maybe include it in a different difficulty setting? But please please please don't make it the framework for the entire game. It's like giving me a perfect cup of tea on a shit day only to dump no-calorie sweetner in instead of sugar.
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