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  1. @hiroyuki232 can't please everyone @Otherbuttons I'm glad you've enjoyed it ^^
  2. @hiroyuki232 The point is for a good laugh. It is a combination of scenes from an episode of Gravity Falls and the Duck Army, which Adam Savage got a hold of.
  3. I've decided to have some fun with Adobe CS5 Premier and did a bit of a twist from Gravity Falls and something Adam Savage did. I do have plans in my head to do a short little bit for We Happy Few but that requires more time and blah blah blah anyways, I hope you enjoy or forever hate me or something.
  4. @Otherbuttons first you'll have to drill a hole in a wall for your leg and then glue your face to the other wall.
  5. Yoga Gone Wrong Yo Dawg, I heard you like houses. So we put a house sort of in a house! I try not to litter Another day at the Compulsion Office
  6. @Otherbuttons I'm definitely going with spy, based on character concept art and the fact that she was intentionally cut off when they posted the recent image.
  7. My thoughts and I am a straight to the point person so sorry for the lack of details: Kids are either dead or taken away. I think that the Germans implemented the joy drug and setup the town with fake shop fronts, Uncle Jack, and the Bobbies to keep people quiet (referencing the clip from kick starter video) and to stay on Joy. Thus, the town is a cover up...for something... If it is, and depending on how much is reviled, this game could very well be setup for a sequel. Random thinking: if you watched the pre-alpha demo video by one of the developers, he wants to say something about the blue stuff on the ground. I am wondering if that is Anti-Joy aka the cure for Joy. Maybe something to do with the girl downer. I'm figuring she's a spy or something.
  8. When I did it, I didn't get a key. Although, I don't remember if my inventory was full at the time or not. Anyways, when I picked them all I found was notes.
  9. yea, I still think the thing is very buggy and currently is only good for throwing (as far as I can tell.)
  10. If you want a gaming laptop, then you might want to check out the Origin EON15-X 4k Gaming Laptop. The nice thing about it, compared to other laptops, is that it is actually a lot easier to upgrade its components.
  11. I've been playing Terraria and We Happy Few (both on PC). Sadly, I have to limit my game play due to life.
  12. These are some of my first thoughts after playing a few rounds. I have not read a lot of the forum due to life, so please excuse me if anything has been stated already or whatever. I do really like this game and I'm just throwing my ideas and thoughts into the mix, mostly off the top of my idea. Issues: Still get stuck in random places, I'm assuming this has to do with the map generating. In the fuse scenario, after I climb in the window, I am able to jump onto the furniture blockade (that prevents access to the stairwell to the 3rd floor) and I end up stuck on it and not able to escape. When a brawl breaks out between Wellies and Wasties, you can't seem to be able to pick a side to fight for. They still come after you even if you help them. I find notes and I have no idea what to do with them. Wastie, in the city. I patched it up and feed it and it walked a way. What, no hug or key to your crates? I can't seem to talk to the butcher Little old Wellie Ladies don't seem to like me no matter what, I don't know if that's intentional I still have not found a use for the anti-futuristic device besides throwing it. Wants: More crafting; there seems like there is still a lot of items that you should be able to combine and what not. If you want specific ideas, let me know and I will dedicate sometime to it. Ability to cook raw meat Ability to empty out bottles without having to consume them Different Playable Downer Characters with each having their own strengths and weaknesses Unlock-able stuff for beating the game Independent volume controller for Uncle Jack, basically It's kind of annoying that he's tied the music control Maybe add exhaustion to the player's attributes. Since currently you can run around 24/7 with no ill affects. Basically, forcing the player to sleep from time to time or they could drink tea or coffee for a boost. The side-effects of being exhausted that come to mind is lower stamina, harder to recover stamina, less strength in attacks, reduced vision quality (like random blurry vision). Animation when you go onto playground stuff so it looks like you're actually playing on it inside of just sitting on it. Should jumping really be that offensive? Heck, I'm jumping for Joy! Wellington mask as a wearable item keep up the awesomeness!
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