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  1. I really like the idea of non-lethal takedowns requiring either an item or special challenge of some sort. It makes killing the easier, less costly way of doing things, which gives the decision more weight. It may be difficult to implement in a way that makes it both costly/difficult and consistently achievable, but I think it's a discussion worth having.
  2. For me, running away is just about perfect where it is - generally speaking, if I find myself in a situation where I end up needing to run away and hide, I've already paid a price in resources and been unable to come out ahead. When Wellies and Wastrels decide to bash my head in, 90% of the time it's because I'm trying to steal their stuff and/or murder them. Because of this, an aggro situation for me almost always means I've already laid out some resources (lockpicks, weapon stamina, time on the hunger and thirst meters). If I end up in over my head and have to run away, I'm almost always in the hole resource-wise - especially if combat was involved. I think adding additional resource strain could work well, perhaps in the form of sprinting adversely affecting the hunger and thirst meters (I'm not certain, but it seems like this might already be a thing), but I don't know that the chase itself needs to be harder than it currently is. Maybe scarier, maybe longer, but not necessarily more difficult.
  3. When you first enter the building, there should be a pile of debris to your right. There's a path through it (it shouldn't be difficult to find once you're looking for it), which will bring you to another section of the house to explore.
  4. Good thing we unlocked the Wellie Mode stretch goal.
  5. My understanding is that there will, indeed, be a story. We're not getting to see much of it in the pre-Alpha for spoiler reasons, but it will be part of the full game. I'm really excited to see how the team manages to integrate an overarching narrative with the procedurally generated world and other roguelike aspects - my experience with roguelikes is limited, but I've never really seen that done (or at least done well) before.
  6. Ooo... I haven't seen this bit yet. Maybe you need a keycard? I know that's an item one can get.
  7. The electro lock crackers are meant for specific uses. The regular version allows you to open personal safes (it will add the "Zap Lock" option to interactions with safes), and the advanced version is used in the endgame, when you're escaping. As to the Butcher's shop, you need to (I think - it's been a while since I last played through this bit) kill the Butcher and loot the freezer code from his body. The multi-tool description is a little confusing at the moment - it currently only opens the endgame exit hatch in the city. I'm not sure whether they intend to expand its functionality or not, but it's unfortunately not the unbreakable lockpick it promises to be.
  8. Do you have the repaired multi-tool? That was needed to unlock the hatch in previous builds, but I haven't gotten to the end in 6.3 yet, so I'm only assuming that's still the case.
  9. The exclamation points basically mean "There's something interesting here." The red ones are kooky random encounters, while the yellow ones are more substantial places of interest.
  10. I found one at the end of the fuses scenario, but I'm not sure that's the only place it spawns.
  11. Usually what I do is take an early-game trip across a bridge to grab a small stockpile of food I then escape back to the Garden district, where I then systematically loot houses to get other raw materials. It puts the biggest risk (the early trip across the bridge) right at the front of my playthrough, so it doesn't sting as much if I end up clubbed to death. I'm really curious to see how this strategy holds up in the next build, since combat difficulty is supposedly going to scale up.
  12. I went a long time thinking similarly about roguelikes - I'm a Spade/Explorer at heart (though a terrible one), and the idea of permadeath always used to freak me out. What I eventually came to find was that a good roguelike makes the learning curve and features surrounding permadeath into its own little section of the game worth exploring and tinkering with. A lot of this can be achieved through certain persistent and/or unlockable features that speed up the early game if used well. Like maybe (very small) storage containers throughout the world whose contents persist through death, or crafting recipe knowledge that remains unlocked once learned. That would take away some of the "Oh God, now I have to play through all the hours of basic gathering again" sting, while preserving death as something with consequences. A "hardcore" mode could then be added, which would remove all those goodies and be more of a "pure" roguelike. There's another thread at http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/642/difficulty-walk-in-the-park-or-daunting-survival that goes into greater detail about this subject (and has developer input, which is always valuable). Permadeath doesn't necessarily have to mean a total erasure of all your progress in the game, and many good roguelikes find clever ways to make repeated character death an actual strategic choice that can aid progression.
  13. I had the same thing happen to me at one point early on, but it was in the garden district - no grannies anywhere. I was wearing my fancy suit, building up a wastrel posse, and walked through the robbery random event (chest in the road, a couple wastrels come out and attack you with branches). I ran away and got my suspicion back down to green, but everyone continued to attack me on sight until I quit and reloaded the game.
  14. Ah! I hadn't considered that, but now that you say so it makes perfect sense - I know exactly the spot you're talking about.
  15. Hey guys! Been playing on 6.2 and really enjoying myself so far. I apologize if this has already been brought up as a known issue, but I ran into some squiffiness in the scenario involving fuses. I entered the scenario and everything seemed to be working fine - I encountered the dead Wellie who dropped the first fuse, and I grabbed it and put it in one of the machines downstairs, which caused one of the lights to go green. At that point I got called away and had to Save and Quit before completing the scenario. When I reloaded the game, the scenario appeared to have been completely reset (the first fuse was back in the room with the dead Wellie), but I was no longer able to use a fuse on the previously restored machine. I also had issues getting stuck when trying to jump over the obstacles blocking the way to the area containing the second fuse, but I'm uncertain as to whether that was the correct solution anyway.
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