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  1. The rewards include all the previous rewards so everything below $60 is what you get as well so at $30 you get "The finished game in all of it's glory on PC, DRM-free or on Steam" <3
  2. Why would you not already have an imgur account?! O_o Also Im sure it was a fluke because there have been a couple of times since where I have wandered all around the start area with no apparent entrance in other than to beat the crap out of a couple of bobbies and I'm just not ready for that! >_< First time there was a sign and I just walked under it through the grass.
  3. Today I learned about Tetris syndrome whereby you play a game so much that it affects your dreams! I have had this playing Final Fantasy 7 (ended up being resurrected by pheonix downs) WoW and Farm heroes saga (I know, we all have our guilty pleasures ok!) Have any of you suffered Tetris syndrome and what games were involved and what do you remember of the dreams?
  4. I'm really enjoying the weird and wonderful things that happen in this game! I thought I was having a really lovely moment there then BANG dead! I was not paying attention to a lot of what was going on as I was still trying to explore. This was my first playthrough so I don't feel too terrible about it haha! I'm finding the constant random crashes more frustrating than anything right now but in time it will all be awesome!
  5. This is Bracken who belongs to my SO. Hobbies include chewing sticks and putting up with our nonsense And this is Zak and Arlo. They are my parents doggies and Zaki does not tolorate Bracken sadly. Zaki also has epilepsy and suffer cluster seizures that can last up to 3 days so he is a little special! Also apologies if these are huge <3
  6. Fallout 4 (cos excited about new fallout game), FF7 (cos excited about remake), we happy few, contrast, the evil within, going to start alien isolation. Occasionally dip into the Arkham games and prison architect <3 Also have been promising forever that I will play Shenmue so that might be on the cards soon though I'm not overly excited about it. Have recently unsubbed from Blizzard/WoW/starcraft/HotS/HS so lots more time to play other things
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