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  1. Thanks for the response...damn I am wishing for it, but knowing how pigheaded the Australian Government can be about all this, not hopeful. I can't even find the words for how ridiculous this form of nanny-state-ism is.
  2. I think I read that they're appealing, but I don't hold much hope for it, unfortunately. The fact is that they can't give us the game, ironically paralleling the dystopia that they've banned. I have heard of other game develpoers that had the same issue encouraging fans to "acquire" their games through other means. I think it's a real shame and such a ridiculous blanket-ban without considering the context of the drug use. A sad day for freedom of expression. A film or book with similar plotlines (for example, "Equilibrium") avoids this, but because of the medium of it being a videogame it's somehow held to a higher standard.
  3. I very much look forward to it Any decisions been made on how the names might crop up? Regards, The Gent
  4. Hello lovelies. It has been so long since I last played - when I last played there was no storyline/main character/quests and I couldn't quite work out what I needed to do (which made it kind of fun to get lost in the districts avoiding the old grannies and, well killing everyone, in particular! Now it makes me feel terrible to kill a wastrel with how sad they all are!) and I remember submitting my name to be featured in the game in some way - I was wondering in how many ways I might be able to find my name? Obviously I want the fun of searching for it, but I was wondering might it be on the side of a building, on a poster, in a newspaper etc or would it just be names of Wastrels and Wellies? Thanks The Gent
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