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  1. Ok this sounds like a dumb question but I cannot figure out how to equip things in my F slot since the update. The items menu got unnecessarily confusing.
  2. Is it true theres going to be DLCs? Because if its true, I want that wellie mode.
  3. where can i order the collectors set and when does it release?
  4. I can't seem to find it. Is it even in the club?
  5. I cant seem to find the cheat controls with the new update. Have they been removed? It would be fun if we got them back again. I'd like to explore the world more without having 20 wellies trying to kill me.
  6. I accidentally failed the quest to get a power cell and know I'm incredibly stuck. Please help me thank you.
  7. I just updated the game and I cant figure it out.
  8. I have the working flashlight and I equipped it but it doesn't turn on? Is there something that needs to be pressed to turn it on? Also: my game keeps crashing constantly
  9. @sam It was on the 7th or 8th but when i opened the game again the next day it worked. thank you.
  10. @sam I've picked up a bunch of things and nothing ever unlocked
  11. I haven't figured out how to unlock new recipes. (Especially the multi-tool one.)
  12. Ok so I have no idea how to unlock all the doors when you get into the city. You know that big thing with people in it and security? How do you get in the locked doors? Nothing seems to open it.
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