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  1. @airraid I thought it would be at the end of a bridge leading to an unaccessible Island.. No wonder I was struggle to exit..
  2. @syalmans SERIOUSLY!?! I WAS LOOK ING FOR A BRIDGE. Wow I feel dumb now
  3. @Jdick @marc Your point of view makes a lot of sense to me. I'm still concerned with the whole immersion aspect being successful if one has to tab out to look at the map, ensure the compass matches up, and then continue playing every so often. Getting lost can be fun if you aren't taking the game seriously, but when you are and most of the world looks the same, it's nearly impossible to keep that immersion. Landmarks are a good idea but most likely a pain for you all and they don't serve a practical purpose. I have two other ideas that could avoid mini-maps: 1) Create colored areas. This would mean changing building textures to say, blue in one spot, red in another, and so forth. To avoid all these goofy colors being everywhere, you could do it as a theme by recoloring roofs or doors for each section. This would allow people to get a sense of where they are very easily, even if there are only 3-4 sections. Say a bridge divides yellow and red, and another is in the middle of green. Now you don't need your minimap for the islands beside. For the wastrels, you can do bland colors such as brown, grey, black. This would keep the feeling but still allow orientation. 2) Create an obtainable map in game. This could be a crafted item or simply a retrieved on. Maybe you have to fill it in by holding the use button for 5 seconds, and everywhere you've been will be added. Maybe you have to sit while doing this, making the chairs more practical than just reading the news. Maybe you can even mark spots on the map freely as one would draw on a picture in paint.net. I'm not sure how this would work with programming, but it would definitely make immersion fantastic and help people avoid tabbing out by keeping this in a different bind, ready to read when needed. Sorry if either of these aren't possibilities as I don't know much about programming, but those were a few thoughts. P.S. Please tell me the Victorian island or whatever that island with the white buildings is, will have a purpose. Right now it's absolutely useless and it makes me kind of sad to walk through it as it's just a waste of land generation
  4. Hi there, I'm quite enjoying this game (still haven't escaped!) but I think the map needs a little tweaking. First of all, it would be great to put a compass there and one on your HUD so you can use the map to navigate much easier. Second of all, the yellow and red exclamation marks aren't labelled and make it quite confusing to understand why they are there. Maybe an index? Or when you hover over them, it explains what it is? Also the map refreshes if you save the game, quit, and return later. That's the biggest issue to me considering how tough it is to learn the world generated for you. Oh and being able to label the map ourselves would be nice because then we can label looted areas and points of interest. Sorry for all the feedback, but those are just a few thoughts that I thought may be interesting to add I would love to see them in the game or hear why it wouldn't work
  5. To be honest not really. It talks about looking dapper as well but you get no conformity.. Would not recommend
  6. Also wanted to note that I absolutely love this game! It's got a ways to come, but being scheduled for June next year (or so kickstarter says) gives a lot of time for you guys to build on this. I realized that alot of what I said others have said and it been acknowledged by a team member. Apologies for that, also wanted to note that I haven't escaped Wellington wells yet so that's definitely a plus to you guys!
  7. I agree with all of this, my post echoes a strong amount of this
  8. Hi there! So first of all I'm not capable of playing at graphics higher than low without major lag, which is to be expected with a new game. Loaded up first game, only had a workbench in my home. Also noticed there was a chair that you can't sit in (why??????) and a mattress on the ground you can't sleep on (why??????) as well as a bunch bed that you can't sleep on (most likely a bug). Headed outside, took a bit to learn the placebut noticed the wastrels are not allowed to be told off as show in earlier game plays along with wellies. Should be added (maybe random success chance) to make social elements easier than running until you get to the joy filled Islands. Died from eating a rotten apple (why would I even do that?) second game noticed that the take down on sleeping wellies sends them in a ragdolled frenzy. Maybe you could add a take down for sleeping people like suffocation with pillow? Also every time a go in the house they are just going to bed so I usually fail to do a take down, they teleport through the wall and instantly attack. Noticed that wellies keep random things such as expansion kits in the stove, needs to be moved. Died on the bridge with the dead downers for no apparent reason Third playthrough has been much more careful and I have spent a lot of time scouting. When I entered the store with the alarm going off, instantly everything went black and I could only see a door, the suicidal wellies, the alarm, and the items I could take. Very very strange. Noticed that every other bunker besides the starting one was all black with the TV, bed, and workbenches visible. Needs to be fixed. Also very confused to the purpose of the Victorian like building Island, there was nothing there besides waste bins, joy dispensers, and a bunker. Also with the joy dispensers, let people choose their pill! Adds a little fun! Still alive so will keep reporting, but I found the butchers shop empty which made looking extremely easy. Need a tough butcher there so one could distract with the seemingly useless banger. Finally the butchers fridge only had a rolling pin after I acquired a hammer pipe from his supply closet, seems kind of useless final loot. Also please make it harder to evade people because it is much too easy, and add more specific generation to alleyways because there were stairs into other buildings, lots of broken openings, and doors too high to reach. It would be cool to slide under a barrier or jump one to balance evading with a stronger implementation of chasing. Will keep posting as I find stuff! Thanks!
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