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  1. Hi! I just found the time today to finally download and start playing the game and I've run into a few bugs, especially when I set a few things to run in the background. Sorry if I'm repeating old news here, I don't use forums much. First off, the biggest issue I found was a lighting bug when the graphics are set to low. Areas would be nearly pitch black. It was fine on medium and higher. Second, there was a slight lag when I was playing with nothing else running. I was able to run ultra and the lag was minimal, but if I run other things it gets bad enough that combat is too laggy to manage, even on low. Third, there were some minor bugs: Pathways that appear big enough to pass through weren't and caused me to get cornered (not sure if this is intentional?), I saw a wellie glide across the map while sleeping, and the game crashed while I was near a park doing nothing (I sent a crash report, and I also had stuff running that probably contributed). Also, my computer specs: GPU: NVIDA GeForce GTX 680 CPU: AMD FX-4300 Quad-core @ 3.80 GHz Memory: 8.00 GB OS: 64 bit Overall though it's a very good game especially for, what was it, alpha? Pre-alpha? I'm looking forward to seeing this go forward!
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