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  1. I had the same bug on 'Give a pig a pancake'. I haven't experienced the other encounters you mentioned, but I've had a few quests go buggy too.
  2. I had a bug where it asked me to get a bucket of motilene. It said I'd completed it when I hadn't. Also, on the next bit of the quest, you're supposed to scavenge stuff from 5 cars, but only 4 have spawned, so I'm stuck.
  3. Hi, the update is great as the crafting makes more sense. I have two issues however. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that, but since the update its been ridiculously difficult to kill a bobby (I'm talking 3 first aid kits at least for each bobby to survive his attacks while I kill him) - as an addition, why can you takedown the bobby only when on slightly higher ground than him (I get that he's tall but the character is pretty tall too). Secondly, has some sort of sprinting penalty been added? I was running away (with breaks to recover stamina) after a bobby spotted his colleagues corpses (I had run out of healing items) and suddenly I died with no explanation, ruining a save I had spent a lot of time and effort on and in which I was about to head to the city to win. This was understandably disappointing. I don't mind if there is a sprinting penalty, as it would be realistic, but I would like to know, so I can take it into account. Thanks.
  4. @Sam thanks for getting back to me. It doesn't happen too often to be honest, and I'm glad you have a fix
  5. I have this problem with pavements/sidewalks. I get stuck and I have to jump to get over the tiny ledge, casting suspicion on me from all the nearby wellies, which, if they were already suspicious at me elevates them to attacking. This means I am not only stuck on the edge of the pavement/sidewalk, but the wellies are now attacking me. This is very frustrating. I'll try the no-clip solution though.
  6. I've had quite a few issues with lighting. If it is dark, then it is nigh on impossible to see anything except objects, which are too light. Occasionally I can't see anything and I only know something is there because the white interaction outline appears. I don't know whether this is a problem on the higher graphics settings but mine is on low. This is odd because, while my laptop isn't super recent, it still has more than enough specs to run the game according to their recommended specs and it runs other high graphics games just fine at higher settings. I agree with the load time comment too. If I put the settings any higher, the lag is impossible to deal with.
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