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  1. I have gotten a couple. I've gotten one in a wardrobe in a Wellie house I think? Definitely in town, not in the garden.
  2. I don't think it's ancient- it should be bumped regularly so people can add to it!
  3. I saved to main menu and continued. That fixed the multi-tool issue- though it was vibrating/bouncing when I picked it up. Unfortunately, it caused a different problem, lol:
  4. I went to pick up the multi-tool and my inventory was empty. I hit Tab, dropped a frying pan on the ground, and hit escape. The frying pan was sitting on top of the multi-tool and I couldn't get it. I picked up the frying pan, went a little to the right and dropped it on the ground again. Then when I went to pick up the multi-tool, there was no option to pick it up- only use mechanical station.
  5. When you say "side scene" what do you mean? Just the atmosphere/stuff to look at, or do you get a cut scene?
  6. I would say your name does fit quite well. Kensington seems super British to me, heh.
  7. That's what I thought at first, but I wanted to see if there was more info/more details before I finished the survey. It just says "+ Name in the game" and "How would you like your name to appear in the game?" It seems pretty open and (to me) implies that it is not credits list. My name would not fit well in the list of children on the wall, for example, even if I use my real name. Although I guess it actually depends on how late into the 60s it is set as for how useful my name would be. Heh.
  8. For those who have filled out their survey- how did you put your name in the game? Did you use your real name (first, last, or both), a favorite online handle, your nickname? I have a fairly rare first name, which I used to sign visual art I create. But it's not unique, so it's possible other people could have my name as a handle, or their real name I suppose. I am a woman and married into my surname, which I would use if it were a page in the credits. However, the wording is "in the game" specifically, and I'm not sure how my full name would really work with, um, anything, lol.
  9. I still have not found a pawn shop. I found the butcher shop a few times. Got my first key card from a Bobby today... but I died. Boo.
  10. I only found that house on 3 runs. The first two times I didn't look around enough. Now the last 2 play-throughs I didn't see it and I'm a wee bit sad.
  11. I have never heard any of these, so I do not think so, but I've only heard the same like 4 jokes repeated. Basically you take lawyer jokes or jokes where the punch line is hurting/killing the person and substitute "Downer" and it will work.
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