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  1. Just a think-tank for features we like/dislike/want involving stealth in Wellington Wells! I'll start by saying that I absolutely adore the icons in place at the moment for the hidden versus noticed, the "wide-eyed" icon in particular when sneaking. Clever use of the head turning during Social Stealth encounters, though I think the angry face could look even angrier. I've noticed that if you're not in line-of-sight, and crouching, you'll still have the wide-eye icon, and this can make it difficult to judge whether you're hidden while being pursued. Not sure if this is a major problem, or if much can be done about it. One feature which I think could add another layer to gameplay would be Player/NPC reaction to television/radio broadcasts. I'm imagining NPCs having an invisible 'cone' of line-of-sight. Televisions/radios could work like a security camera in the sense that they'd broadcast a similar cone. If an NPC is in the cone of a television or speaker (or vice versa? Maybe only one-way?) they can, say, laugh at a joke told by Uncle Jack. In this situation, if the player was in the cone of the NPC (and tele?), they'd have to press the action button to laugh as well else they'd raise suspicion. Or maybe all this Joy-taking and blending in has made me covet being a Wellie. It's a lovely day for it, after all.
  2. Just getting started, but ready to dig in and provide ample feedback, I hope! S'lovely day for it, after all.

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