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  1. @marc, there's a way to acquire the bobbies keycards without killing them??
  2. Can confirm lighting issues, regardless of resolution. The pawn shop is nearly impossible. The only thing I can see is corpses and fuses, the rest of my screen pitch black.
  3. When you Talk to a Bobby, Arthur uses his Wastrel lines. I'm glad his nervous rambling about bananas pleases the Bobbies, but I have a feeling that's not right
  4. VERY excited that the protag's name was confirmed to be Arthur! (One of his barks after you exhaust his stamina) I saw the name written on a journal in one of the hideouts, and I'm so pleased my theory was correct. He just LOOKS like an Arthur. Percy definitely feels like a brother.. or maybe our soldier protagonist? I've only heard one line about Percy so far ("Just got to get to Percy, etc..")
  5. Welp, in a moment of "why the hell not?" I updated to AMD's beta drivers and the game is back to velvet. I even meandered around the garden district for a good two minutes with no hiccups. (Quality was set to low, game was windowed fullscreen) A fluke? A weird background process I didn't know was giving me errors? I have no clue. I busted out the stop watch and clocked the new game load times to roughly a minute and a half. Which isn't bad at all and now I feel silly bringing them up. I suppose I was just bitter after having died so many times in a row and staring at those horrible little loading blocks. (or maybe whatever was causing my stuttering was impacting load times?) I did still get a crash trying to start a new game during testing, but I already sent that report via Unreal. Went on ahead and shot you guys one of the .log files from last night, where I was jittering all over, and the one for today, where I did fine. I think we can safely tack this one under PEBKAC though. Sorry for wasting your time
  6. My system specs are by no means top of the line, but I could run the game on its lowest settings just fine up until this recent patch. Now it stutters every time I take a step, and the load times for a new game have rocketed. I know part of this is because we're back to the larger maps, but it really makes the game practically unplayable for me. I can't defend myself against wastrels due to the lag, and then I have to sit through another two minute loading screen to get back in the game. Also had the game crash twice. Once while just trying to load a new game, the other when fiddling with resolutions+switching to windowed mode to see if that would help. It did, but playing the game in a tiny, low quality window is a very sad experience that still resulted in some stuttering DXdiag info ============== Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.150715-0600) Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.7GHz Memory: 10230MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Card name: AMD Radeon HD 5670 Display Memory: 4095 MB Dedicated Memory: 2020 MB Shared Memory: 2075 MB (I highly doubt this game supports crossfire, but I thought it was worth noting that I do have it enabled)
  7. Unless there was a patch I missed, they shouldn't be openable yet. Devs said they'd be unlockable in future updates.
  8. On your bit about useless items: it sounds like you never looked into the crafting tree? There's lots of things in there that make the make the game much easier, especially first aid kits. There is usually a second base you can find on the second island, but of course it's random where it spawns. Look for a little park with the rotating statue. Climb down the hatch, and you've got a new spot to store all your goodies. Also, the second island contains one very important scenario (the pawn shop) that is plot critical. Skipping it prevents you from beating the game. As for why the bobbies were aggroing on you-- there's a couple different reasons. Were you wearing a torn suit? (Wellies don't get along with Wastrels) Were you running? Were you jumping? Were you sneaking? Keep an eye on your suspicion icon to try and figure out what you're doing wrong. There's a method to it, I promise you. They're also very easy to outrun if you stick to the backways and off the sidewalks. Which brings us to the third island. In the beginning you read the tooltip about needing to find maintenance hatch and escaping, yes? Well, that's where it is. Locked, and guarded by four bobbies. The key is in the pawn shop. I won't say anymore in case you'd like to prevent "spoilers".
  9. Very much agreed. The more dialog for everyone honestly-- wellies, wastrels, the player-- the better.
  10. The devs have addressed this in a different topic Yep, we're planning on having skin colour variation in the game, to line up with the very low population diversity historically in southwest England in the 40s. There are lore factors to consider, but we're not talking about them (it's part of the narrative). We also don't have the budget to do more than skin variation. http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/660/character-models
  11. Backing up @thomascomics here, the fuse scenario used to be dim for me, but after the update I'm navigating in complete darkness. I mean #000000 black. I can still find the bodies, and naturally the fuses glow, but it was an absolute nightmare. Which, technically, makes this thread a bug report. .. Not sure who to @ for that, but hopefully one of the devs catches this and releases a hotfix.
  12. @arron The flower appears to be a red carnation. Do those hold any special historical significance in regard to the war, or is it any red flower that will do? It also appears to have white spots along its petals-- which are either a result of bad quality or highlighting-- but assuming they're not, it's a sign of a diseased plant. Still pondering over what to make of that. It's also worth noting that the building we see the Bobbie/Doctor in is in the residential district-- you can spot a billboard and the streetlamps through the window-- that can only be entered via Joy detector. . This is definitely some sort of official office type building though, and a VERY important one to be guarded so heavily. Jack's studio maybe.. ? Also, the entirety of Uncle Jack's song, that a friend and I could cobble together: London bridge has fallen down. It's fallen down. Fallen down. London bridge has fallen down, my fair lady. Take the keys and lock them up! Yes, go on, do it: lock them up! Yes, lock them up! Take the keys and lock them up, my fair lady. Everything is quite alright! Sleepy tight, nighty night. Everything's tucked OUT OF SIGHT, my fair lady!
  13. Just wanted to let you know, the devs have said we won't be getting any story until the game releases-- at least in terms of cutscenes and coherent plot. You can still gather bits of story from the scenarios and what the Wellies have to say in passing. This also means we will likely only get the white screen when you "beat" the game. Which is good. We're just here to test mechanics after all. We'll get the awesome plot at the same time as everyone else.
  14. The fuses being reset is definitely a glitch. However, you're supposed to crouch and crawl under the obstacles. There's a small opening for you to do so
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