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  1. Well, if you lived there - and your grandparents lived there - and still witnessed relatively few non-whites, that certainly trumps what Wikipedia had led me to believe. At the very least, there were clearly largish areas that hardly saw any visible minorities until (our world) post-WWII.
  2. Historically, there may not have been much population diversity...but then add in an (apparently temporary) Nazi occupation, leading to a drug-addled culture obsessed with stamping out non-conformity, and I could see WHF's world as having even fewer non-whites than its real-world time/geographic analog. ...at least, among the Wellies. If there's an organized resistance of any sort, non-whites might be more present there... It may not be determined yet for mechanics reasons, but I think it bears asking - given the numerous waterways (and apparent sea exposure) that Wellington Wells has, is it - or would it have been - a port town? I ask because, based on my very-rough search, before WWII, England had a fair number of South Asian/Indian immigrants in port towns/cities (via the East India Company), compared to the rest of England. (After WWII, it looks like the population got more diverse overall, due to post-war labour shortages - but this game's history diverged before that, so who knows.)
  3. My load times and terrible framerate turned out to be due to only having 4GB of RAM installed. According to WHF's system requirements, I shouldn't have been able to load or run it at all. I was pretty much constantly churning swapfile. I have 8GB installed now, and it runs much nicer. With the latest build, the fighting mechanics and AI seem a bit better. While I still get the occasional multi-hit, the Wellies seem less likely to bunch up directly in front of me than they used to, unless they're lined up in a hallway - at which point, I have to watch that I don't accidentally hit walls/furniture/etc. while attacking, as it seems to be murderously bad for my stamina/weapons. It's still not Zeno Clash, but it's better first-person melee than it was.
  4. Agreed - canteens seem like they to be fillable with water. They could be replaced with some other item which is less glaringly "sensible-people-would-put-water-in-this" but could still be used for bangers (maybe "Empty Pesticide Bottle"?). Alternatively, they could be fillable with water, but reduce the availability of bottles - so that the player has to choose between using a canteen for a single-use weapon or for longer-term survival. Alternatively alternatively, remove canteens entirely and make bangers craftable out of regular bottles. Same guns-or-butter choice as above.
  5. I like the idea of a limited inventory carryover, but fear that that might take too much of the tension out of possible-death situations for my own taste. Besides, if you get pummeled into bloody unconsciousness by the police, why would they let you choose what they don't confiscate off your body? What might be interesting (and maybe even lore-friendly) would be "caches" - a few limited-capacity containers scattered and semi-hidden throughout the world that have a chance (depending on difficulty level/hidden-ness of location) to carry over items to your next playthrough. Not anywhere convenient like in "your" underground base - you'd have to re-find them on subsequent playthroughs (matching the "memory loss" of the map on overdose/death). To prevent cheesing (or maybe just to be extra-cruel on harder difficulties), the chance of a cache successfully carrying over might be inversely proportional to the quantity and value of the items in it (i.e. stuffed full of end-game goodies = most likely to be looted by wastrels before you get to it, just a few potatoes and a syringe = probably overlooked by looters). This would effectively give players a way to give themselves more "scavenged loot" in future runs, at the cost of giving up those items in the current run and having to hunt for the caches on their next life - with a chance that they're gone for good, or in the hands of NPCs. Because a roguelike just isn't roguelike without trade-offs and risk.
  6. - Is there, or are there plans to have, a "sticky" topic in this forum for bugs/issues/enhancements the dev team is already aware of? Or some sort of bug-tracker repository, like GitHub's? Such a thing could help with reducing duplicate bug reports as more eyeballs come into play (provided that alpha/beta testers read it before posting). - The graffiti on the walls in the Garden district looks nice, until you get too close to it. Crouching next to some graffiti (so that your hands are visible) causes it to "project" off the walls and onto your hands, to a limited distance (about 2/3 the width of the player's hand, or so). - Load times. Oy vey. Brutal. The patch notes mention that generating the world takes a little while - but so does loading a saved game...AND returning to the main menu after death takes about four minutes on my system (which is not uber133T, but still mid-range for 2015 tech). That's the worst part about dying - not having to start over, but having my entire system paralyzed for so long while a menu loads that would allow me to quit the game. -- Until load times can be reduced (maybe only load assets for the area the player is in, and load more as needed?), maybe add a "Press any key/button to continue" prompt at the end of loading, so that you can SAFELY go and make a cup of tea (as the patch notes suggest) and not have to guess when the game will finish loading and immediately start running. - I'm getting about 10 FPS on average on "Medium" quality on a GeForce GTX 970. "Low" quality is a bit better, but causes many textures and shadows to flicker and shimmer at a "glad-I'm-not-epileptic" level. The frame rate is quite variable, but seems to get much choppier when sitting in the underground bunker, turning around too quickly on the surface, or encountering/fighting Wastrels. Given how well my system performs on most games I've tried it on, this seems like it needs improvement. - On the subject of fighting, in a few instances where the frame-rate lag didn't kill me, I was able to punch 2-3 Wastrels at once, repeatedly. As in, I'd punch once, and the single punch would connect with every sufficiently close Wastrel in a fairly wide forward arc (seemed like about the size of my FOV). If the FPS wasn't a problem, most group fights would have been trivial - I just backed off until they all clumped up, then punched them all at once. I'd suggest making punches only connect with whatever single target is closest to the crosshairs, and save that sort of sweeping multi-strike for larger, heavier weapons. As well, I think NPCs could do with a little more aggressive "flanking" behaviour - if the player is aiming at one NPC, the others should at least try to get around the sides/back of the player before charging in - which should make group combat peril-fraught for reasons OTHER than rendering engine issues. - Conversely, if a Wastrel attacked me from the side or behind, it was difficult to tell which direction the attack was coming from. Many games address this by having the "attacked side" flash red or some such - but that seems like it would be stiff and un-immersive in this context. Maybe you could have the player/camera stagger/tilt sideways or stumble forwards/down when attacked from the side/rear, to more organically indicate what direction the blow came from?
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