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  1. Tried Borderless Gaming, the border doesn't vanish and the window width spazes. Is there a secret launch parameter or something? Anyone got this working? It is so annoying when games don't have a simple feature like this for the multi monitor users.
  2. > It is entirely possible to cook console content with lower spec separately from original PC content, which rest assured we plan to do. Thank you. That is all I wanted to hear. Now I am hoping you don't disappoint. So far it's all good, but as I've seen it time and time again, I of course still worry.
  3. Look at Elite Dangerous for a recent example from a game going to console and thus receiving major downgrades on the PC side because of it, plus console exclusive content BS. Consoles do not improve games for PC, so stating it will improve the overall game is an oxymoron.
  4. I'm voicing a legitimate concern, but as a response I get an oxymoron.
  5. @Naila > @MattyMatt Not one bit, it is going to actually improve the overall game That has never happened in the history of gaming. Consoles drag down the PC.
  6. So is the Potato One going to affect the PC version?
  7. This has me legitimately worried. Every time a game transitions from PC only to also having a console version, the PC version is dumbed down because the potatoes have next to no power compared even to entry level PCs. By God I hope this won't be the case. I like my 1080p@120.
  8. Holy moly, the 6.2 update is tremendous, on the 6850 I'm running it is often times using more than 90%, vs before it would use maybe 50%. Now performance is still not that great at low, largest fov (why not numeric), and 1080p. I'm getting a pretty solid 60, sometimes dips, but it's seldom. I kind of expected higher frames at that visual fidelity, but those are things that will hopefully come in the future. Great update. I am getting better at this game, but sometimes the bobbies still over power me Oh well, I'll wait for the next update!
  9. That happened to me too, water on the map, but couldn't find it. Got stuck in a building nearby, had to ghost out, saw it floating in a tree.
  10. I have to send away my 670 for cooler issues, but an older AMD HD 6850 was running the game at higher frames. I noticed on the 670 that my usage pretty much never exceeded 50% with occasional spikes to 75. Once I get something back from RMA, I'll compare some more.
  11. Difficulty is sort of up to the player I think, at least at the moment. When I was playing stealthy and avoiding being suspected and violence, the game became more challenging. When I said screw it after I died right at the end, the game became easy. Takedowns seldom have repercussions, I can outrun everyone. I can make people gang up on each other (wastrels vs bobbies/wellies). The only problem is when you are spotted. Then it can lead to a difficult situation, where you end up being surrounded, but it is still escapable (you can just OD on Joy at any time). I like having the choice of limiting it for myself, or taking the easy way out.
  12. I went two weeks, then found the hatch, died crossing the pipes. Ayy lmao
  13. It's a random event. They spawn, but always in different places. There's the tea party, watching the telly, etc. Sometimes being too close will upset them too.
  14. I opened it using a keycard. I'm not if it's the final ending, because it doesn't really resolve anything.
  15. Go to reddit.com/r/suggestalaptop They will give you the best advice possible.
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