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  1. In my experience, swapping out clothes doesn't degrade their effectiveness. But even in my torn suit, Wastrels will become suspicious if I jump, climb, or stand around in their houses too long. And they'll slug me if they catch me stealing. Were you by chance close to other Wastrels when you switched outfits? I haven't tried that.
  2. I got that mystery meat table spawn in Hamlyn, too! Only once so far, though. I've never had a Hamlyn random event or a Wellie spawn in the Garden District, though. There was this one time I came up on a group of Bobbies beating a few Wastrels to death, but it was right by the bridge so I assume the Wastrels just got too close.
  3. They describe the Wastrels in this update: http://compulsiongames.com/en/news/11/weekly-update-wastrels-and-combat And here's the relevant quote for people who don't want to search on the page: "[...]Wastrels are Wellies whose Joy went wrong and turned them into sad, schizophrenic outcasts. They've been ostracized by the Wellies and forced to scavenge in the Garden District. They are always on the brink of survival and don't appreciate their resources being taken from them." There's not an abundance of Joy in the Garden District so I'm guessing that Wastrels will gladly take Joy if they can get their hands on any, but it's a scarce resource there.
  4. I've only played for a couple of days, but here are my tips: Water - I generally only collect large glass bottles to maximize what I can store in my inventory. And I don't bother crafting purified water. If I find myself desperately needing to drink and I'm not close enough to a water pump in the garden district, I just drink the joy-infused water. In my games so far, charcoal has been a limited substance and I end up using it to craft a better suit instead. Inventory - I only put larger objects in my quick slots. Kind of obvious, but putting a bandage in a quick slot opens up one square in your inventory, while putting a first aid kit, honey, carrot, etc there instead will open up two squares in your inventory. And unless I'm trying to stock up on things to take back to my base, once I have a full stack of an item I won't pick up any more of that item. And speaking of bandages, I very rarely ever use them on their own. They heal very little and are really only useful if you have no other health items and are bleeding out. Instead, I put most of my bandages towards making first aid kits. I don't think you can cook in the game (yet?), although I might be mistaken.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply! Honestly hitting alt tab or even just the Windows key is not a big deal to me. It only becomes a big deal in games that don't have windowed fullscreen and crash when they're minimized (which is far too many AAA titles - looking at you, Skyrim). I do like that now there's no way to accidentally lose focus, though. Thanks for your team's hard work! I'm more excited about this game than any of the ones unveiled at E3.
  6. I apologize if this has been stated already! I skimmed through topics but only read a few posts total. I don't think this is a bug so I didn't post it in the bug forum. I played through the stable build last night, and was happy to find that there's a windowed fullscreen option! Thank you so much, devs! There's way too many games that don't have that option. I have a dual monitor setup and I like to have youtube or Netflix or something open in the other window. But there's a difference in how windowed fullscreen acts in 6 and 6.1. In version 6, if I go to the options menu I'm able to move my mouse out of the game screen. In 6.1, I can't. I can just hit the Windows key and I'm able to move the mouse cursor out of the game, though. Was this intended, or an unintended consequence of redesigning the menus and options? (I'm really digging the new UI aesthetics, btw!)
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