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  1. I get seen, I get the dialogue, the animation fires, but I'm just back in the same spot with the same NPCs looking at me
  2. I have the worst outcome issue with this quest - I got in, collected all the ephemeral linen I could find, then screwed up on my way out having not really twigged there was a time limit. Now none of the linen respawns and I can't find more! Alas, the poor crazy man will have to go without in this playthrough. Hopefully they make at least some of the linen respawn in a later build!
  3. @naila I've been taking a break thanks to work, and also so I'm delighted by all the new shiny things! So far it's working, I just need to figure out what I'm meant to be doing at this BBQ...
  4. To add, it's still there, I can use it to craft, but the icon disappears!
  5. Hi! I've been dutifully collecting duct tape, and three times I've dropped it (one at a time) into my Stash, and it's disappeared. The first couple of times I thought I was just insane and had imagined it, but this third time I know it's disappearing! Highly odd!
  6. Hey @Naila! I've had two consecutive games where I've got separate islands visible (all settings on Ultra) but no bridges - if there's a way for me to capture logs I'm happy to, should that help
  7. Definitely +1 for the too dark! After 11pm particularly in the Garden District it's really almost impossible to navigate, even with the gamma way up. Everything on Ultra for me.
  8. I work in eSports for another dev house, and one of my idle daydreams has been how WHF could be made into an eSport! For example, I would love (in time) to see a way to generate two identical maps, and have two people proceed through them (each blind to the other's methods) to try to escape as quickly as possible. The game is so great, and there are so many variables that could make a really fun experience - ultra-suspicious Wellies that mean you have to be really careful, only certain items available, character becomes thirsty faster, etc. etc.! Of course, right now this (likely) isn't a priority, and nor should it be, but I suppose idle speculation and daydreaming is what discussion forums are for!
  9. Hey @naila, thanks for the reply! @devolore got his today and mine arrived a while ago
  10. Seems from a few threads from @Naila that they should be coming to people soon http://www.compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/744/backerkit-cutoff-date-alpha-key-has-to-wait#latest
  11. Totally agree! One thing I've been thinking a lot is that I'd love a minimap! I find myself looking at the map and thinking "OK I'll go over there" and then having to spam reopen and close the map to make sure I'm not going the wrong way. It could just be that I'm terrible, but I would love a minimap.
  12. Hey all! Love love love the game so far, but had a question - sorry if it's been answered elsewhere. I've come across several "scenarios" in the world, shown on the map once discovered as red and yellow exclamation marks. I can't seem to work out what to do with them! I stole the battery from a TV the wastrels had on a pile of rubble, and it just made them angry, and I couldn't put it back; I found one where there's an old broken gate, one in a butcher's and so on... What do I do to "start" the scenario? Are they just not yet implemented? Any other input? Thanks, and lovely day for it!
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