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  1. I'm enjoying how WHF plays a lot more now, after the last update that helped how smooth it is. But the only few things I hope that can be updated are mainly issues with bindings. As I play left-handed with the arrow keys, it'd be nice if everything is bindable. I know it can be done through the .ini file, but it's just better in game. For me, these are the TAB, E for looting is hard-coded and even the Escape key so I can back out with something nearer my hand. It'd be nice if we could have the option to tap sprint instead of always having to hold it. And I noticed one odd thing where I could shift to the right while I sprint, but I couldn't shift left. Also, maybe an option to change how long we have to hold a button down when interacting. I'd have it a lot quicker than what's in the game so far. Damien
  2. Sorry for the slow reply. I hadn't been on my PC for a while and I forgot to check this site. I found that it runs a lot smoother for me now after the update. Should I still send a GlimpseGame file to the email specified on the FAQ? Or doesn't it matter if it runs okay now? I'd say it's only slightly jerky for me, but I'd expect this to be the case with it being pre-alpha now and it's not unplayable for what it is. Also, I read somewhere that a message box appears if there's any crashes. These crashes happened before this came into effect, I think. So would those that occurred still have been received by the devs somehow? Or should I send these? Thanks Damien
  3. I've encountered one issue that I hope can be addressed before any official release. I was able to rebind my controls with the last update, but I play left-handed so I'm unable to use WASD. I rebound "E" to Enter for looting corpses. But it's still bound to "E" for looting. It's hard-coded and would be better if you can also assign that to whatever you change "E" to. It'd be nice if there was a "tap" and/or "toggle" to sprint. I don't like having to hold it down because I can't shift sideways when I do. Thanks
  4. I started playing the pre-alpha today and have had it crash shortly after it started. All I did was pick up a plant. It seems to be running at very low fps for me, probably around 10-15fps. I looked on here and was told to lower the settings which didn't help it at all. So I went to lower the resolution and it crashed on me again. I screen printed both crash reports. Are we to upload them somewhere? Or something else? I'm running it on a PC that has a 3GB XFX 7950, FX 6300 and 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600 RAM.
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