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  1. thanks,yeah backerkit got updated but no email as of yet.Even backerkit is not letting me view my key.
  2. When abouts are we going to get our keys from backerkit? I filled out the survey on the day I recieved my email,but haven't got anything back.
  3. It went in on thursday night so most likely im gonna have to wait a bit longer.It's fine though,I don't mind
  4. oops the images aren't showing for some reason,here are the links.Maybe it's because payment got taken a few days after the KS ended.My card was blocked because I lost it and I had to get a new one sent.Luckily It got there just in time. http://puu.sh/iVVUa/fc849a198d.png http://puu.sh/iVVQl/4ffa9e018a.jpg http://puu.sh/iVVOY/ed9071ba61.png http://puu.sh/iVVNn/51e9e545ac.png
  5. I backed on Kickstarter but I didn't get a key yet.Checked the spam aswell
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