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  1. Just wanted to tell you guys that in the 3 weeks that I was on vocation the game went from sub-30 to an almost locked 60fps with everything maxed out. No idea how you did it though but keep up the good work
  2. Brought it down to 720p and in window mode, performance was a lot better but still sub-30fps The console isn't showing up so I cant run the commands
  3. Across the board off the graphics settings the performance is horrible right now preview or no preview. I am running W10 which isn't really the problem because it is already functioning normally on everything else including UE4 editor. Performance is dropping all the time and I think I crossed 40fps once on low and then it dipped down to 20. Anything higher than low and it has massive freezes of 2-3 seconds But its an alpha and I hope you use all the feedback from here My system includes an i5, 280x, 2 SSDs and 16GB ram
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