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  1. Got my code as well, going to explore Wellington Wells right now :-) JOY
  2. Dare we hope that we will be playing this weekend?
  3. @jones Yes I plegded at pre-Alpha tier and I just can't wait to try the game, looks sooooo awesome :-) Oh well, guess I'll hope for a joyous weekend
  4. @Sam Any update on the progress with BackerKit?
  5. @Sam Thanks, just can't wait to experience the game and tomorrow is my day off so hopefully JOY *fingers crossed*
  6. Any update on when the new codes will be sent out? Just can't wait to try the game, I know I'm impatient (And running low on tea...)
  7. Thank you for the swift answer. Time to break out the tea and crumpets and wait :-) Lovely day for it
  8. Just became slacker-backer of this great looking game. Anyone have any idea how long it will take for me to get my pre-alpha acces? I can feel myself becoming a more and more a downer every minute. I need my JOY
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