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  1. I'm going to have to try all that @Nautilus
  2. I think Naila meant to tag you @Iris_Lockspur instead of me. lol
  3. So cheerful and happy looking. You wouldn't suspect a thing from this town!
  4. Haha, these are amazing Horrorshow!
  5. My friend made me this vday card as well, thought you guys might appreciate it:
  6. Roses are red, Downers are too, I'd beat you if you were off Joy, Until you were blue! I made a poem for you guys! Have a Joy-ful Valentines day! And comment with any other WHF Vday poems/ greetings you may have.
  7. My best friend Steph is a cosmetologist and when I told her to give me a crazy beehive.. .well, this is what happened! I kind of love it.
  8. Dressed up as a Wellie for my Halloween party. Kept yelling 'You don't belong here' and 'I'm calling the authorities!'... Nobody got it.
  9. @Camille My graphics are set to Ultra, lol. So it shouldn't be an issue with shadow quality, and I saved before entering the scenario because I knew it messes with it if you save in the scenario, so that's not the issue either. Also, the scenario spawned a total of six fuses when I entered, and this happened each time (I reloaded the game because of a crash). 4 spawned in the bedroom, one spawned right at the entrance near the dead wellie and one spawned in the tv room. I could have made a pretty powerful explosive device with that amount of power! The suspicion icon/ mode thingie seems a bit off since the patch, even though I've been wearing a fancy suit and talking with Wellies, the old lady still gets suspicious of me for just walking too close to her, as if I were dressed in my normal attire. It doesn't seem as effective to blend in any more. The Wellies used to be super impressed with my fancy suit, but now they don't seem to care at all! I think I liked the green indicator more, since it gave me definite answer as to what I was doing right.
  10. This dead guy upstairs spawns 4 fuses for some reason... Also, the lights are pitch black. I get it's suppose to be dark... but this is just ridiculous.
  11. I think I must have been pretty tired... this tree was shedding magical leaves!
  12. She was so upset about her children crying she cemented her feet into the floor so she could never leave their side again! This hover pan is pretty cool too (This was just left by a wellie, no fight was initiated): Also, the suspicion icon doesn't seem to turn green anymore regardless of activity or outfit. I was playing at the park and everything seemed fine until some Bobby decided my face was to ugly to be in the car toy and got all suspicious of me....
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