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  1. What a wonderful update, I don't know what it is you did but the game now runs for me at 40fps minimum when it wasn't going any higher than 28 before. Just wanted to say thank you as even in its pre alpha state the game is a ton of fun and well worth the price of admission.
  2. So I've just had a go at the game and my PC seems to be struggling. Its a bit higher end than some of the ones in the posts so I'm a little confused as to why I'm having difficulty (performance doesn't really change despite changing settings). My specs are the following: FX8320 CPU GTX970 GPU 8GB RAM Is there any other information that would be helpful? Also just a side note, I don't know what black magic you've pulled but somehow despite games like arma, AC Unity and many other AAA games being incapable of using more than one of my CPU cores you guys are using all of them and that is something I am beyond impressed with.
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