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  1. With the way the NPCs render, it looks like they just "pop in" when you get close enough. It's kind of immersion breaking and something I'd like fixed. Also, I have a suggestion. Check whether or not the player is trespassing before wellies say things like "a man's home is is castle" etc. If not, use different lines. Just another thing to help immersion.
  2. Same here. Also, when you take the bloody map from the picnic table and tells you to dig in "dig spot 1", it allowed me to dig it up, but I couldn't open the chest as it didn't allow me to interact with it.
  3. Two VERY game-breaking bugs with the blending suit. It is impossible to interact with ANYTHING (use the V key for interaction) since the option never shows up ALL NPCS are openly hostile, no matter if you are sneaking or not. I had to restart my game because of this. I had no way to find new clothes. I thought there was a house with a torn suit in it, but it seems like the map regenerated that area when I transitioned back into it.
  4. It seems to be running in the background constantly, no matter if you select "pause on focus loss". This might be only if it is for an extended period, and might also be if too much memory is used while it is running in the background. It didn't CTD with an error, but it booted my back to the main menu and showed the startup, like I just launched the game.
  5. Several bugs here (and one possible bug). When you get the recipe for the repair kit and use it on the pump, the repair kit isn't used up. Also, the three wastrels start to murder eachother. Third, the book you get off of one of their bodies, "The Innocent Look", has no use.
  6. Neither the couple, nor the mushrooms spawned for me at all. Might have something to do with being attacked by wastrels who saw me force open a coin box.
  7. The quest bugs out if you cannot give him neximide immediately. If you walk away, he continuously vomits, without acknowledging the player, thus making it impossible to complete.
  8. The ghost never moves, and you cannot interact with it.
  9. A stairway in a house generated too closely to the wall, making it unusable. Collision meshes with piles of rubble in the garden district can cause players to become stuck. In the scenario that requires you to obtain two fuses to open a door, the door fails to open completely, forcing the player to awkwardly sprint-jump and crouch to get past. There seem to be further problems inside with collision. I think that freaky "coughing" audio bug is linked to entering event areas. Joy comedowns might be linked to all game audio ceasing.
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