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  1. You can find sewing kits, very rarely, just sitting around in the Garden District. I've found two sitting right next to crates in a couple houses there. One in each of the areas. Just keep your eyes peeled while you're looting, you might be surprised what objects are just laying about waiting for you to pick up.
  2. Check which type of expansion it is. In one game, I found 6 or 7 of the "utility" ones. After you've unlocked all the space for your hotkeys, "Q" and "F", it won't do anything when you activate it. There's 3 specific ones I've found, the utility, the one to expand your inventory space, and the one to give you a second weapon slot. Can't remember what the other two are called, but they are different expanders.
  3. Will do that next time then. I died rather quickly almost immediately thereafter, so I'll mess around a bit with it. Thanks!
  4. Saved and exited out of the game. Had no issue reloading, but when I did, everyone seemed to be more suspicious of me. Before saving and quitting the game, the icon in the upper-left was green and happy the whole time I was walking around the Village and City. When I reloaded, everyone suddenly was suspicious of me, and if I stood too long in one spot or interacted with them (press 'E' to wave and talk), they decided they wanted to kill me. The icon in the upper-left was neutral/grey instead of being green and smiling.
  5. The fact that every time I play the game I want to watch Clockwork Orange. Considering this is pre-alpha, I was very surprised how much they've managed to put into the game already to push that dystopian and surreal atmosphere. Loving every minute of gameplay atm, even though I've died 50+ times already just messing around.
  6. Village - A single Welly or Bobbie begins that arm swinging walk (god that's awesome, who came up with that?) and another Welly or Bobby steps next to him and does it in time (along the lines of a musical where everyone and their mother jumps out of windows and boxes to join in the song). This continues until they have X number of people all walking together then they stop. You can join in to lower suspicion of you. Approach the "line" of people walking and activate it and your character is automatically put in step with them. You lose control for however long it takes to complete it. or Use this distraction to break into an otherwise "secure" house. Garden - A wastrel walking around carrying a poster of Uncle Jack on a board (protester march style) with a few Wastrels marching along behind. Can take out the crowd for an instant reward of standard items, or stealth behind/beside them until they reach their destination, possibly a small secret room/storage space with solid early-game rewards (sewing kit, chemicals, other hard to find objects) but have to fight them + a couple stragglers they left behind. If they notice you, they instantly attack and you get the standard reward items. City - Small group of people warming themselves by a fire made up of Downer corpses (should be on the edges of the City). Occasionally one of them will add another corpse to the fire from a stack (3-4 bodies). The faster you take this group out, the more items you'll get from whatever corpses are leftover. No-joy food items, water, minor crafting materials. Village - One of the little grandmother types is chasing a Wastrel down the street hitting him with a handbag. Will eventually kill him and stand there kicking the body a few times before heading about her business. Standard items on both NPCs. Other NPCs watch and applaud her actions as they move past. Have it end in a normally unpopulated place, behind the buildings, along the edges of the buildings by the water, etc... Garden - A wastrel jumps/is pushed out a window/broken wall and lands at your feet, dead. If the player looks quick enough they catch a glimpse of another Downer stepping back. Small crafting item is left behind where the Downer was at when they ran. Village - A water main breaks on one edge of the street causing a minor flood. If you're in a Construction suit you can "fix" the break and refill all of your empty water bottles. It has Joy in it of course though. Village - Small group of people standing around watching Uncle Jack's show. Minor QTE event follows where you do specific button presses to play Simon Says with him. If you are successful, the group of people gives you stuff. If not, they attack you because you are bringing them down.
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