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  1. So I explored All of the town and found events and what not not sure what i was to do i went back to one of them. when i walked in it was all darkness but i switched my Quality to mid and fixed it then i worked out the event Finding the power cells and turning the place on when i left and checked on my map all the markers for events water and what not where gone. not sure what happened it wasn't that bad because i just had to wonder around more to find them again
  2. I have never been able to get granny to not out me. even saying lovely day for it. they still yell I found the best way to not get yelled at by any one is just keep moving and never stop moving they tend to not bother with you if you get away from them.
  3. or if the V meat shop is hard to find or not there If that can happen as I at lest find It the only i don't starve so far
  4. will would there be to much of a disadvantage is the map was random I'm not even sure how to beat the game but the only big problem would be the maze right the one that welcomes downers because if it is just a case of find events to get out then it becomes who knows the best way of doing stuff right? I may be super wrong as the run i just did was the first one where i uncovered the whole map and that ended because I stupid.
  5. Terraria, splatoon, persona 4, and we happy few when my computer feels like running it.
  6. It did work my computer could not handle it but that is my fault. So yeah that is good to know thank you.
  7. yes i am because not sure what my laptop can handle i will try that out.
  8. Yeah I can try that though Not sure how much i can convey in a static image as it just made me unable to move forward. I tried to run and though he did run he wasn't going any where as if a wall was there or he picked up mime to fool people in to thinking he wasn't a downer.
  9. So i found 2 bugs today that are unrelated. the first one is when i would enter some places it would just go dark and i couldn't see at all. any safe house i found that was not the starting one and the pawn shop that has a dead guy where both like this the last one was sad because i feel like i missed something story or lore but i could interact a bit and i saw the body but no suffuse had any kind of lighting once i entered i could peak out the gate and see it but once i went nope. the other one and this caused me to lose a my best run yet. as I was walking my guy would stop like something was in his way and it was hard to move him.I was in that part of the city that looks like just offices r something tall buildings and no houses. While i was stuck a old lady saw me and called me a downer then the cops killed me because i couldn't seem to move .
  10. I'm on the boat of wanting a contrast 2 i feel like explaining a few more things would very good. as the ending of the game just made the song play in my head over and over again.
  11. I don 't get this they didn't talk much about the story and that is the best part of me at lest. I never see it get talked about but it is brilliant and deep and on the same level as like silent hill in terms of making me think.
  12. Kat's song house on fire is close too but i find that one in my head the most.
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