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  1. I just tried the new update. It is AMAZING!!! :-D The game runs a lot better now, and many of the bugs have been fixed. It's awesome.
  2. Hello. Thanks for responding to the post. Lazy_fair, I saw the requirements, and that helped alot. Thanks so much. And thank you Sam for responding. The day after I got the game, then the update was available. It runs much better now, but I am still lagging a bit. The overall game is more fun than the last time. One thing I have to note though is the combat. For some reason, I can't hit a Wellie, and they can't hit me, so that is a little unusual. Also, whenever I do a takedown, the Wellie would go crazy and fly in the air twisting their body around. It's pretty damn funny, but I thought this issue should be brought up. Overall, the game is incredibly fun. Thanks so much for responding, and have a great day. :-)
  3. I wanted to start off saying that I am loving the game so far. The aesthetics are amazing and creepy as hell. I am especially loving the vibe, but there are some issues. The game is lagging pretty hard for me, and I can't seem to get too far. Is it because it's a Pre-Alpha, or is it my Laptop? Just to let you know that I recently got into PC gaming, so I am not too familiar with the system. I know it's early, but I was wondering if there was any system requirements for the game as it is? That said, Congratulations to Compulsion, and the best of luck with the game. :-)
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