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  1. I noticed that there is workshop support for changing the language of the game, but I was wondering if there were any plans for more options on the workshop. I'd love if we could create encounters, create custom biomes, etc. Do you think this could happen? Any more ideas for it?
  2. Finally found how to get into the train station today, but encountered some weird collision. I'm sure you guys have already found this, but in case you haven't. <3 http://plays.tv/video/573a577bdeadf9fda1/just-some-weird-collision-
  3. @Camille Yep. Just tried to play today and it worked! Finally got past the guards to find the Black Screen of Ollie!
  4. The problem: I saved the game from right outside of the train station guard post then returned to the main menu, then tried to continue game and it keeps crashing every time. It starts to load in objects, but after a few seconds of loading, it crashes and presents me with the crash reporter. I've already submitted the basic crash details, but it isn't working. I've tried: Closing the game and reopening it Exiting out of Steam entirely and reopening it. Edit: The game now also seems to be remaining open according to Steam after a crash now. Not sure what has changed since the first few attempts though, but it's not allowing me to exit Steam normally until I close We Happy Few (Which is not open, not even in the Task Manager) forcing me to use the Task Manager to forcefully close Steam.
  5. Just changed it to preview mode to see if it makes a difference and jesus it does. I can play the game on high 10 times faster than I could on low on the other mode. The only thing is, it crashes over and over. Start a game, walk outside, go to punch somebody *crashes*. Start the game, go outside, walk around for a couple seconds *crashes*. It doesn't much matter for me at the moment anyways though, I did everything I could in the laggy mode. Just a warning to those who haven't yet.
  6. At the current state of the game, I don't think a shop for downers would make much sense as there really aren't any other downers running around (besides the one you can find being beaten.) From what I've seen though, there will be other downers that you meet where this might make a bit more sense. PS: I was thinking rotten apples could be more fun if you could throw them at people like tomatoes at a play. ;P
  7. They're still in Pre-Alpha. That's the least of their worries at the moment, but likely coming eventually. Stay tuned!
  8. Bashing the hell out of everybody then running for my life when 6 police officers come chasing after me.
  9. Did you take down the guards at the Joy checkpoint and take the third power cell?
  10. I definitely wouldn't recommend using laptops yet unless they're really powerful. Most people (including myself) are experiencing strong lag spikes and a lot of dropped frames. Some things to speed up computers: -Running an anti-virus to make sure you do not have any viruses slowing your computer. (The obvious) -Have at least 20 GB free in your hard drive. -Make sure to keep as many background processes and/or programs off as possible. For Example, Spotify has a webhelper process that stays open and running even when Spotify has been properly closed. You can find all of these processes by hitting "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" then going to task manager then processes. Make sure to close out Task manager when you are done though, it takes up quite a bit of RAM itself. Most computers also have arrows pointing upwards on their bar on the bottom-right of their screen where if you click it, some icons should pop up. Say you have an Nvidia Graphics card, "Nvidia GeForce Experience" may pop up. Some of these programs do not need to be opened and can be closed by right clicking the icon and hitting exit. If it doesn't have that option, leave it alone. -Cloud25XD, not a mod, just a player, programmer, and somebody who spends way too much time on their computer.
  11. Woohoo! I'm curious though, why would these people keep a hole to get out if they don't want anybody leaving? Why not just cover it up or blow it in? When I found it I was so hoping I'd get like a teaser with Uncle Jack.
  12. As of the moment, the only place you need it is in an "instance" or whatever they're called where you can find one in the very same building along with another building that isn't an instance, but is pretty fun to go into. You use them by pressing and holding V on anything that says you can use it. They are used on safes.
  13. After a long time of looting, bashing police and civilians in the face and getting 3 small power cells, I decided to take my chances with getting into the heavily guarded shelter by the fountain (only to be able to just slip right past the guards. ), I unlocked it, went inside, went to the door to go in and poof, loading screen and back to the main menu. All that progress lost. I really hope I did everything I can so far. So was that the end and was it supposed to send me back to the main menu? PS: Being able to save would make the game 100000 times more replayable rather than having to play completely from scratch every time you have to get off the computer.
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