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  1. The cricket bat can destroy a Bobby in around 4 charged hits, if you find it in the early game it can give you a super big head start. (At least if you're like me and you break into every house and kill everyone.)
  2. Really it's hard to actually determine what the awful thing they had to do was, maybe the awful thing they had to do was stop taking joy for a day. It'll be interesting to see more and more tidbits of lore show themselves so we can all piece together this lore puzzle.
  3. @Otherbuttons I wanna say I feel bad for the folks in Wellington but they sort of choose to live the way they do, clearly your character can survive in the world without being horribly addicted to Joy. (Though you can take it and not be... Huh...) I feel worse for the normal people trapped in the middle of all of this. Those folks who aren't super addicted to joy, but not a wastrel: your average Joe if you will. It's those folks who probably want to move on ahead but they have to take joy just to make sure they don't get brained by people. Also I wonder if wellington wells has access to fire arms, people mostly seem to use house supplies or sticks to beat you to death. What if after the war there was sort of a big old "farewell to arms" business and now people are focused on a pseudo peaceful life. But through all the joy and mob mentality it's hard for them to see that they are actually hurting people, they are doing things just as bad despite not having traditional killing tools.
  4. So I'm not gonna lie there is one other randomized survival game with heavily british themes that i'm wondering if you guys have ever met.... You guys ever heard of the game Sir You Are Being Hunted, you fellows should totally see i there could be some sort of work together mix up crossover deal. Also I was sort of wondering if you guys were inspired by that game, or the other way around. (or not at all, since you know that's probably the thing that actually happened) I dunno I'm probably just coming up with Dream Team Indie stuff in my head...
  5. The multi tool is used (at least from what I know) to open the "sealed hatch" in the middle of the city. IF you want to open up those super locked doors though, you have to get a key card off a policeman. The card itself can be used as many times as you want, but the multi tool is single use(?) Best of luck mate.
  6. Why didn't the downers take their joy? It's hard to swallow with two hands around your throat. You know I was pretty happy to have a downer hang around me for awhile, then I cut the rope down when I saw he started to stink. You know they say downers are actually quite one with nature. How do I know this? I saw quite a few of them taking dirt naps the other day.
  7. @drachenhunter It's only actually about 6 broadcasts atm, but more should be added as time goes on... I'm not sure why I am acting like I'm a dev, I have no clue when more broadcasts or whatnot will appear... Also while on the topic of uncle jack broadcasts, it'd be interesting to actually sort of have a way to watch him when you're not near a tv or something, some sort of pip boy esque thing to let you watch his broadcasts or listen to some tunes while exploring. Like a little video watch... Maybe if you're in a certain biome you can pick up different broadcasts: in the city and village it's uncle jack stuff, in the garden district it might be just staticy uncle jack stuff, or maybe even some pirate radio thing.
  8. So I was just wondering if the 2 other folks shown off are going to be the only characters we ever get to play as, are there ideas for any more? (I mean other than playing as a wellie if we hit that goal) I would honestly love to see a wastrel character, or perhaps a German who is trying to hide out from after the war (well unless some crazy story stuff happened to those nazis, speculation and whatnot), or hell maybe even getting to play as uncle jack himself! Perhaps we could play as an old lady, but then the old lady actually opens up and a large austrian man jumps out... Ok maybe I've been watching too much Total Recall but still! This game has so much potential and the devs working on it all seem so legit and nice!!! AND THE COMMUNITY IS SO GREAT RGHHHH I'M SO HAPPY! But yeah if you guys got any neat ideas for characters i'd love to hear them, no holds barred, give me your craziest ideas! (I need to stop staying up so late.)
  9. @Joshua You should keep it but make the pipes make creaking noises as people walk over them, sort of just to make people uncomfortable.
  10. @CaptnGlitch Oh man imagine if his home was just this singular huge building surrounded by guards, barbed wire, and spotlights. It's just this huge facility made just to keep him safe. And maybe if you get to the top you get to have an interview with uncle jack, or maybe it turns out he was dead the whole time! OR HE'S A ROBOT!
  11. Wow so we happy few is so bloody great, but it could be better with more area types to explore! Maybe some sort of military base, it might or mght not be abandoned and you can find different weapons and such lying around. There could also be signs of battles fought or just old dead soldiers. Or perhaps a lab area, the tech and drug of wellington wells has to come from somewhere right? So there various factories and laboratories populated by rejecte test subjects, workers, and mad doctors. How about some sort of port or dockyard? Stuff like imports and exports with warehouses and maybe some neato futury boats. Hell maybe have some grizzled old sailors and then intersperse them with overjoyed wellies. And last idea how about some sort of neighborhood suburbs area? Like little 1 story home, no shops, or even make it a little farmland area (cow with masks on and huge grins, man that would be something) Sorry if these seem silly and all but it's 3 am and I feel inspired and really love dropping ideas around. Seriously though to everyone here and at compulsion you folks are all a real JOY to be assosciated with (Ps if this is a grammar nightmare i might have sed my phone on this)
  12. So I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I figure I might as well report it just in case. So I reached the end(?) of the alpha, I went through the unground ominous door in the city. The second I went through the screen turned white and I essentially got the same thing as a joy overdose and got plopped back in the main menu. Whether this is intended or not (it probably is, but who knows.) that's what happened. Cheers!
  13. Ok so I have a few ideas that I'd love to throw into the mix: I feel like the society of Wellington Wells has become a communist society (now let me explain!) My main reason for thinking this is those posters about fighting communism in the garden area, and the fact that property is seemingly public. People will literally just walk into and out of houses at a whim and unless you're a downer you're basically aloud anything. Obviously they are doing this in some weird way to rebel against the former nazi folk who were around. The other thing i'm assuming is that lots of starvation went on: at some point they may have been forced to eat some... things... Or people.... that they wouldn't have done in any other situation. I figure this because there is a line from the wastrels that says "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO EAT YOUR DOG!" There's something everybody wants to forget, but damn I wish I could know what it was !!!!
  14. So you open it with a keycard from the bobbies, AND INSIDE YOU ASK? Well to put it in layman's terms its everything you'd expect from an early alpha build.
  15. @Guillaume For some reason whenever I have started the game it instantly crashes my graphics drivers when it attempts to get past that first load. It hasn't done this for any of the other patches, so I have no clue what's up. The exact thing is NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver version 353.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered, that's the exact thing it says. No clue if this might be on my part.
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