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  1. Hello! I've been playing with the new update since I've been sick and stuck in bed. This is what I've noticed while playing: -Save and Quit Game Feature: I got tired playing one night and got pretty far in the city and found the homeless shelter and had a good forage of food and items. I figured it'd be around when I booted up the game the following day. That wasn't the case. Instead of having any option to load the save much less an option TO load a game, I was stuck starting anew. -The left and right bumper buttons are swapped around?? A quick glance often confuses me and I tend to hit the wrong bumper button. The symbol for right bumper button is labeled as left while the left bumper button is labeled as the right. -Tend to get randomly stuck in walls/ceilings/etc. while jumping which causes laughter but is often troubling as I am unable to "jump out/away" and get permanently stuck there forcing me to sadly restart. :C Other than that, I am enjoying the game. C: Loving for sure Uncle Jack TV/Radio time and tend to waste some time listening/watching him! I am also enjoying sneaking around, scouring for food and water! Each death is certainly thrilling and amusing to no end! I am certainly hooked to say the least. C:
  2. I've been watching gameplay too and I'm super excited to see how well I'll be surviving mostly ahaha! I have to say I totally fell in love with Uncle Jack thanks to the Kickstarter and I do enjoy when someone takes the time to stop and listen to him while in gameplay whether it's through the radio or tv! I totally can't wait to see how far I'll get (or rather how little! Hahaha!) before the Wellies figure out I'm a Downer trying to run away. I very much enjoy the idea of combining items to make other items that can help us out on our adventure!
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