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  1. Propaganda poster visible through tree. The roadways aren't on the same level as the dirt and grass, I find I have to jump instead of the player character just transitioning onto the new surface. I also think it would be cool if there was a wall hugging ability so you can peak out around corners.
  2. The game is great, I love it although I have run across some glitches and bugs. On the "Downer Breach" bridge the bobbies ran at and attacked me when I came onto the very beginning of the bridge rather than when I passed their barricade. Saving doesn't seem to be functional yet as when I save there is no way to load the file I also find it really odd that the "RB" and "LB" squares in the bottom right corner are reversed with "RB" being on the bottom left and "LB" being top right, this gets confusing in the heat of the moment. Other then that I haven't come across much yet.
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