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  1. Tried to break the following items above and the hotfix seems to work fine. Great job Compulsion! Some notes i've seen however since installing the patch: Sometimes the Wellie couples only have 1 of the two people, however, they continue the snuggling animation Bobbies feet sometimes clip to their ankles when on sidewalks. Wellies stand on benches or flower pots and Criers tend to slide around. All causing them to sometimes stick in place Some of the cities procedurally generated (i think) decorative assets spawn a good 2 feet away from an actual wall (such as a hanging basket) [Possible Bug] Despite clearing out Lud Holms station, I still trespass both inside and the outside surrounding area In the secret garden, digging the Solanum Tuberosum yields no food. Last Edit 2018-08-18 Build v1.3.70168
  2. Don't know if this is a bug, for I have only failed one quest (and by failed I mean beat an old lady over the head with a shovel), but when you do fail a quest, the Quest stays in your quests journal, however it is marked red and the objectives are crossed out. Is this supposed to happen or is this just an error? If in the future maybe have it move to a Failed Quests category below completed. The quest in question is Madame's, Magic Wand. Cheers -Artyom
  3. @nightwing118 The next step would be going to the church and popping a joy pill (to not set the alarm off) and activating on the door 'knocking' on it. Make sure you are wearing the Fab Threads as well. Make sure it's daytime and not night (I tried to knock at night, and did not work) If you can't interact with the door then its a bug. So the checklist being: A) Have the mask, wear the fab threads B) Make sure it's daytime and not night C) Be careful not to set off the downer detector If you found Nick before you found the Church, make sure to interact with the sign first. The door does not operate if you do not interact with the sign to the left. I had this issue in the past, but I re-looked at the sign, which then fixed it for me.
  4. So I thought this was a normal procedural bug..... So I reloaded the save Had to start an entire New Game to fix the issue.
  5. 4/02/2017 ~ Bobby disappear when I try and hide the body in showers. This may just be a "Hey Fàel, don't shove bodies in holes, why are you doing that!" Issue. ~ Came across the bobbies knocking on the front door of this house. All windows were barred by metal. I thought I could get in around back. The Door was locked however, I saw a "Climb" option when close to a metal gate. Once again, may just be a "my procedural world error" thing. ~ Last thing for today, tweak for procedurals, this makes the detector quite useless, unfortunately. If above image is broken, click here
  6. 4/01/2017 ~ I was Playing the 'Church of Simon Says' Quest just testing stuff, I had to leave and do something. (The objective 'Turn off the Electricity) had just popped up. Upon Loading the save, the 'Turn off the electricity' objective was still there, Arthur was behind the podium, however, everyone was standing up and no longer lying on the floor, no security systems on, etc. ~ After listening to William's Speach in front of the memorial, once the wellies started throwing rocks I thought I would protect him and throw a few punches. After two punches and pressing E on William everyone disappears without a trace.
  7. 3/31/2017 Collision Issue in Pub area, "The Nobody Inn" specifically Can get around, but I'm being nitpicky Additionally a lot of wellies don't read newspapers despite the pose.
  8. 3/30/17 (Possibly more to come with gifs as I move through updating the wiki) 1.Collision issue in Nicks Pad
  9. Thank you for that. I sent school 1 an email regarding what software they use, and i have taken it upon myself to teach myself unreal as well as unity, but it would be a nice step as well. Thank you so much for the help. You did not raise more questions then answers. -Fáel
  10. To Whomever: (amazing french down below!) Howdy, I am back with one final question. As some of you are aware I am taking a two year education starting in January. Big decision for me because I have to move away from home here on the island. I have narrowed it down to two schools about 3 blocks away from each other. One offers housing, one doesn't, both say they have high employment rates, both have the same price. etc,etc. However there is one thing where they differ slightly and that is the courses. While they both provide relitively the same thing, there are alterations and I can't decide which would benifit me more in the long run: Long story short, which do you think would benifit me more in the long one on becoming an Enviromental Artist and 3D generalist I appreciate you taking time to read this and Thank you in advance. -Fáel --------- Salut, Comme certains d'entre vous savent que je prends une formation de deux ans en Janvier. Big décision pour moi parce que je dois déplacer loin de chez eux ici sur l'île. Je réduit à deux écoles environ 3 pâtés de maisons de l'autre. Une offre de logements, aussi bien dire qu'ils ont des taux d'emploi élevés, les deux ont le même prix. etc, etc. Cependant, il y a une chose où ils diffèrent légèrement et qu'il est fini. Bien qu'ils fournissent tous les deux relitively même, il y a des changements et je ne peux pas décider plus benifit à long terme. Longue histoire courte, qui pensez-vous serait plus me benifit à long terme pour devenir un Enviromental Artiste général 3d. Merci -Fáel (post script, sorry for the bad french, i took only so much outside of highschool and am furthering my education for that) (post post script: I know that in the industry it's all about the portfolio, but I wish to take something to improve and gain more skills for what is needed in the field) (post post post script: thank you again, i just can't decide for the life of me at this point) (post post post post script: wow those pictures are big, sorry about that)
  11. I feel like I am spending more and more time on this forum, i have decided to start living beside the pancake supply in the shed out back. Anyway I got bored and want to do something in the 3D world so I whipped up this Asylum and threw in a couple of lights. This maybe took me maybe 3 days to model and an hour to light and I was wondering for some feedback. Link for Plebs Also I am taking bartending school at the moment and wanted to make a We Happy Few drink.... I was thinking something colorful and .... liquor-y as well as a Contrast drink (probably something darker and mysterious with a unique aftertaste. So i will make some creations (and take ideas) and try them out and post pictures and recipes. What is your favourite Alcoholic Beverage and i will try and incorporate some things Thanks guys and gals
  12. Because I am a nosey little downer; I was wondering which version of Unreal WHF is using. I was poking around in the game files and noticed the secondary build of 4.11 which I am assuming is either the Unreal Engine 4.11 or just the build as of April 11th. If so is it 4.11.2 or previous?----Also to anyone having fun reading this in my thread I have some interesting things for people to get predictions for the game based on some Achievements; which i am assuming is Steam/Xbox achievements: Achievement_0_Title="An Apple a Day"Achievement_0_LockedDesc="Gotta keep those Joy doctors away..."Achievement_0_UnlockedDesc="But the doctors came anyway."Achievement_1_Title="Good Trip"Achievement_1_LockedDesc="It is all right, everything is all right, the struggle is finished."Achievement_1_UnlockedDesc="It is all right, everything is all right, the struggle is finished."Achievement_2_Title="The Golden Duck"Achievement_2_LockedDesc="It's one of a kind. And now it's yours."Achievement_2_UnlockedDesc="It's one of a kind. And now it's yours." what could it mean :OI am an avid hunter when it comes to achievements; i have all of them in the Fallout Series (inc. DLC) 4 years didn't take that long I think. I will most likely have to get all of these.
  13. Oh whoops just saw this in my feed; As some know I streamwednesday at 12 Pacific but i'm moving it to Every Fridays at 12p Pacific [-8 GMT] (starting May 13th) because of school. I really appreciate you all dropping in; it makes me feel loved. With what @Iris_lockspur said: could that be an invitation to me as well; i planned on heading out east pretty soon. Thanks again: http://www.twitch.tv/theteawolf
  14. It could be a cool idea if there was an Dirty or Infected Syringe, so if you use it, it has the chance of giving u an infection, and they could be found in the garden district or garbage cans. -From SugarFruit (@Sugarfruit33_ ) Much more streamline, lots of cool additions, lots of surprises such as the zappy machines. No real complaints except for the small glitch of reviving after falling into the water and not being able to leave your shelter Maybe make it a bit more obvious to not kill Randy, because instinctively I bashed him over the head with a stick right away Maybe make the Torch light up on the crosshair instead of the ground In your inventory it would be helpful if items were color coded to find them easier, example: health items like balm or bandages are red, Joy related things like pills or full syringes can be purple,Water/Alcohol is blue, Healthy food is green and rotten is brown etc That's it for now; Cheers -Fael
  15. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.
  16. Hey Team (this question is specifically guided towards Emmanuel, if he's about but anyone can answer) So personally I am an aspiring to become someone in your position, on top of that set dressing and level design. I am continuing education in 3D, art, creative writing, etc and hopefully moving to Montreal (from Vic B.C because that's where the game companies are and Vancouver is EA and I don't like EA) I was wondering what one piece of advice you could give someone striving to get there? What is something that you wish you knew back in the day that you know now? Thanks for answering, it means the world -Fael
  17. As a streamer i these are some comments I personally had as well as well as some of the people who watched had: Pros Everyone loved the music and how it looked; consistent art style and period accurate music created immersive in depth experience. It took 2 hours to find both the service hatch and the broken multi-tool my previous issue with the bunkers being too dark have been fixed Cons Obvious city mesh collision issues The top of the building where you get the multitool are personally way to dark the nights are personally way to dark No way to tell what your sleep, hunger or food levels are without having to open the settings and turn it on. Gameplay Suggestions Quicksave button maybe funny reactions or something if you wear no clothes, even if Arthur says something, currently its like wearing a proper suit add way to check hunger/sleep/thirst in journal Maybe make the frequency of hunger/sleep/thirst a SMIDGEN longer Thanks again guys you really made my day Talk to you again -The Tea Wolf
  18. Alrighty so excuse this overly complicated long post: So for a very long time I have wanted to be a game designer, then it hit me and i realized that that job title never actually existed and I had to get more specific. After thinking long and hard it came to me that I wanted to create levels! Set dressing, designing, building, populating, exploring, lighting, etc. I enjoyed making outdoors as well as indoors, nature blah blah blah... The position I wanted was Level Designer. After endlessly searching for prerequisites I had created a list of needed studies. I have spent a while in school learning 3Ds Max, Maya and the rest of the Autodesk suite. Coding, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and other coding languages. Photoshop, Bridge, Indesign and other Adobe suite tools and lastly some traditional art. Now I am here and I realize that my next step is "creative writing". Suddenly I realize that a new title arose in front of me "Level Architect". Reading the description for that it includes quite a lot of the same elements as before; however, adding debugging, pre-release maintenance, debugging, etc. So now you ask: Why Tea Wolf, why do you waste my time with endless banter? Well I require your assistance Compulsion Games team member who is on their break reading the forums. I would really appreciate if you could answer any of the following questions: 1. What IS the difference between Level Architect and Level Designer? 2. In addition to the courses stated above, what do you recommend taking? 3. What is the best way into the industry? Nepotism? Bribery? Now I appreciate this. I really do... I could google for answers but the internet is a mysterious road where you type in "Russia" and get Vladmir Putin riding a dinosaur with swords. I would rather hear it straight from the horse's mouth. I know I have a long journey ahead of me and would appreciate any assistance from you in my dream position. Maybe one day I will be answering a question similar to this, helping someone accomplish their aspirations. Cheers - TTW fael@theteawolf.org Postscript: In the general ranting board, am I allowed to upload some pictures from a project I am working on and get criticism from the WHF community or is that outside of the allotted rules.
  19. I have had to switch from Arthur to generic Wellie, of course as you know the masks can be fickle so I will let you know on Twitter If i have a breakthrough. I hope you have the most fun at the con
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