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  1. As dash has pointed out it is a rogue like I would say the save games are there for continuing if you need to get off the computer? (Just my assumption as alot of rogue likes do this) Which I am personally fine with as that's part of the fun with this game it's always different every play through. We were put under no illusion what this game would be like they even said in their kickstarter video that you would die and die alot and as such have to restart over. In my opinion it's a great type of game very fun and will only get better, I for one am very excited about the future for this title.
  2. So a funny thing just happened to me about an hr or so into the game I reached this industrial area? and was on my way to explore through a third checkpoint which I got through with a bobby in close check as I went to jump over a ledge just after the checkpoint the bobby hit me and I was launched out of the world and had a birds eye view of the map to which I come crashing down and die. just one of the many fun things to look forward to Also on the play through previous there was a window a little higher up than usual so I jumped up to grab the ledge and got half way through and got stuck. To which a wellie comes over and kills me Pretty rare cases maybe so no big deal just thought I'd share Cheers, Nathan
  3. Ahh ok np thanks for the replys I found one in some sort of food shop had a heap of victory meat? Anyways there was a locked door upstairs that looked like it had one of those electronic locks just thought it was usable there. Thanks again for this wonderful game you guys really deserve great honours for this title!
  4. Hello first of all amazing game loving it so far and runs pretty smooth here, only real problem I have ran into so far was that the electro lock shocker isn't working I have tried to put to put it in my quick slots and primary slot which it wont allow me to do. not sure if I am missing something here? Thanks, Nathan
  5. Aha thanks guys really looking forward to getting my hands on this. Truly looks amazing and I need something else to do besides watching your kickstarter vid over and over
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