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  1. Thanks stewi0001! That sounds like an interesting option.
  2. I've been playing a lot over the past few days and I have a few more glitches to report. When playing on the low quality visuals, the scenario where you go into a store front with a policeman at the front door is almost completely black so I couldn't see almost anything until I upgraded my settings to medium. Also, when I completed the scenario and left, all my landmarks on my map were gone but would reappear when I found them again. Another thing that may not be a glitch is that the joy detector said I was a downer even though I was basically half full of joy! Immensely enjoying the game though! I'm noticing that good things in the bunker typically means that the bridges to other areas tend to be more difficult which is interesting but sometimes they are so hard that I want to quit then start over.
  3. I was wearing a simple suit but I think that glitch was fixed because I haven't had the same problem again!
  4. After the new 6.1 update was posted, the game has been going much better! The only obvious glitch I've noticed is that when I kill Wellies, their bodies go nuts and they wriggle around and go through walls. There seem to be a TON of Westrals on the downer island area and water is incredibly hard to find over there. I'm enjoying this game immensely!
  5. Thank you all for your responses!! Very helpful.
  6. I must start off by saying how excited I have been for this game and how glad I am that I'm finally able to play it. I am playing on an Hp dv6 laptop and so I had to download the glitchy 6.1 update in order to be able to do anything and I think I'm playing on the lowest settings possible. The start up menu is beautiful and is working well! I'm also enjoying how each time I start the game there is a different bunker. I am having a lot of difficulty when fighting the other downers, it seems like every time I try to hit them, I miss and then they beat me into the ground unless I run away. I still haven't been able to kill a downer which has been confusing because I've watched a lot of gameplay on youtube and it didn't look that difficult. Also, the one time I attempted to cross over from the downer garden area I saw an old lady with a bobby and so I took a joy pill at a conveniently located telephone booth. This did apparently not work as planned because as soon as I tried to walk across the bridge, the old lady started screaming and the bobby started to chase me! I'm not sure if I just did something dumb or if this was a glitch. I must say that even with having the game drop me after every few minutes of gameplay, it was still fun!
  7. I just downloaded the pre-alpha for WHF and I had to download the glitchy 6.1 patch which is likely due to the laptop I'm using. Can anyone suggest some gaming laptops and include the prices? Thanks in advance!
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