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  1. @ceruleanspiral I love the idea of bombed out/abandoned schools that the Wellies are just a bit oversensitive about. I want to loot one and get a yardstick to beat my foes with. This would also be a cool place to have more lore building about the children which seems to have everyone fascinated right now.
  2. If they do decide to add more biomes , I'd love to see one designed around Uncle Jack and where he lives. I imagine he lives in a mansion near the radio station (or even broadcasts from his own home). Along with having some of Uncle Jack's stuff, this would be a good place to have a Bobbie HQ and maybe even some of the lab area stuff @sirprimsywinkle mentioned.
  3. @Naila Oh man, that captures it. I even had the thought of "Is that the end?" right before I plummeted to my death. I'm glad that I'm in good company.
  4. I love that you're seeking the communities ideas for random events and I am excited to add my two cents worth. I haven't read all of the suggestions above so I apologize for any overlapping ideas I might have. So here they are (prepare for TL;DR!): Well Adjusted Citizen Location: Village Reward: Lots of pills + a strong weapon (or maybe a fancy suit?) You’re wandering around the village and everything and everyone is just swell! You know something’s wrong, but you’re not about to look like a downer. But someone in the crowd stands out to you as strange–they look full of joy yet they’re acting a bit...off...you go to investigate him as he skips through the streets in his fancy suit. When you address him with your usual “lovely day for it” (that one always works!) he turns to you and his grin somehow becomes even wider. Suddenly he takes out a weapon and begins to attack you! No one seems to notice that he is hitting you (though they notice if you attack him back!) You lure him into an alley and after a difficult go at it you finally take down this maniac. He lays there with a smile still draped across his dead face. In his pockets you find joy. Lots of joy. Notes: The Well Adjusted Citizen is a Wellie who is a bit too well. In the same way that you can go on a joy bender and wake up back in your shelter, ODing on joy can effect other people too–and in this case with dangerous results. This random event character wouldn’t be detected as a downer because he emanates joy and is wearing a dapper outfit (in the same way that the outfit protects you in social stealth). The Breakdown Location: Village and/or City Reward: Distraction or Bobbie loot Being a Bobbie is the most joyful thing imagine-able, isn’t it? Walking around the streets keeping citizens safe from those nasty downers! “But the hours are long...and, my god, are downers not people just as we are?” You over hear a Bobbie, who oddly enough isn’t walking the streets like the others. No, this Bobbie is standing in an alley...is he sobbing? He is. As you get closer you can hear him more clearly “Nobody appreciates me...” “The bodies...so many bodies...” “How many is it now? 5? 6?” Something is wrong with this Bobbie, you begin to suspect that he is a downer. Finally you get close enough to talk to him, but before you can speak he looks in your direction and begins talking to you: “End it for me! I don’t want to be a downer! I’m not a downer!” He looks at you intently and waits for your response. You could put this poor Bobbie out of his misery–he won’t resist. But there is still hope for him, isn’t there? He realizes you’re not going to save him from being down, so he runs back into the street manically, only to be beaten down by his fellow Bobbies and Wellies. At least they’re distracted by his sacrifice, now is your chance to escape or even do some burglering. Notes: The downer Bobbie would be a pretty straight forward encounter–either you “help” him by putting him out of his misery and getting free Bobbie loot or you let him go, causing him to distract those in the street and give you a chance to break into a house or maybe just escape the area. The VIP Location: Village and/or City Reward: The usual sights and sounds of the streets in Wellington Wells floods your perceptions. Things seem normal (as normal as things can seem in town) but coming down the street, opposite of you, you see a troop of four Bobbies surrounding a peculiar woman. This woman isn’t like the common rabble, she's different, fancier. You stand by as the guards pass. You wonder to yourself “Who could that be?” Naturally you get closer to investigate–but alas, these Bobbies are even more perceptive than the others! They recognize you as a downer faster than a suspicious granny who you accidentally bumped into. Some chase you while the others stay with the dapper madam. You narrowly escape these strangely driven Bobbies and you’ll always wonder to yourself “Who was that lady, why was she so important?” But who knows, maybe, someday, you’ll find out? Notes: The VIP could be anyone–honestly my mind is buzzing with a hundred ideas of what an important person could be. But whoever they are, they should be unique, have unique loot, and be a challenge for players if they are daring enough to find out. You’re not on the guest list... Location: Garden Reward: Food (and whatever the Wastrel’s drop for you) You find yourself at a cross roads. You look around, there is nobody in sight. In the middle of the crossroads is what looks to be an abandoned picnic. You move closer to investigate and you find, on the ground, food! “That’s rare for these parts...” you think to yourself, and though the food is meager, it’s still the best food you’ve found out here. You bend over to pick up the assortment of food when you begin to hear chanting... “Your name isn’t on the guest list...” “I don’t think you were invited to this party...” “You’re not welcome here.” The chants build from a low monotone to more of a buzz–and you’re surrounded. Out of the houses came wastrels ready to pounce! Do you run? Do you fight? You’ll know soon enough because the Wastrels aren’t getting any further away... Notes: The scale here is flexible–it could even just be a picnic out in front of a single house like the birthday event–but I love the idea of stumbling into a trap, especially an eerie one with chanting.
  5. My first time there I immediately walked off of the edge near the pipes and fell to my death...I know I'm an idiot but I didn't expect to be able to fall off of something since there is really no other situation where that comes up.
  6. My favorite moment was (spoilers for a Wastrel event ahead) when I walked up the stairs of an old, unfamiliar building. "Have I been here before?" I asked myself, then I turned around. My reaction was verbal, I spoke it aloud, because when I turned around I saw the bodies of two wellies that had hung themselves, and behind them? Children's play things. Upon closer investigation shivers ran down my spine...'where are all the children?" I dreaded to myself. That was an amazing moment--it really made the world seem real to me. It wasn't just another house full of angry Wastrel's. It was a quiet home, and I could just take in the moment. Brilliant story telling blending with gameplay is what I love about this game.
  7. the point so far of the pre-alpha seems to be just testing the logic of the game - is everything spawning correctly in the right location, are the triggers hitting properly, are the roads on the ground, do the npcs see you and trigger a basic reaction set to you based on these variables, etc. That is entirely possible and if it is the case its even better. That would mean that the developers are testing systems and have plans on how to improve difficulty, but since I don't know what their plans are, I have to give feedback on how the game is now and not what I expect them to add. Based on what Sam said, it seems like that is the case. Heh, with the Fallout reference there... I've actually spent the past few weeks modding the hell out of Fallout 3, and the version of the game I'm currently playing handles a lot like how I'd imagine We Happy Few might play. That is the kind of fallout I want. If only we didn't have to mod it to make it work that way--but I guess it wouldn't have as much mass appeal if it were more realistic. I personally haven't experienced the grannies being too much of an issue but...that might be because I do stupid things and run around all the time, and since I can just disappear in an alley it doesn't matter that I do this. I kind of understand how people leave you alone once you take Joy, they assume you're good now and they fall back into not worrying- because that wouldn't be happy, now would it? Heh. I agree and I like the concept--but practically I can use it to cheat the game and get through any obstacle. An easy fix would be not including these near areas of interest, especially the escape hatch.
  8. Hello! One of the most important aspects of any game is how difficult is it. Some games are, at their core, easy, which it may be designed to be and that is okay. Games which are more story centric and less gameplay focused are often this way. Most games however are built around the concept of challenge which drives the player to progress, do better, learn the mechanics, be more careful, and eventually win and complete the game. We Happy Few falls in the latter category. Though story is important to it, gameplay is what keeps us playing (and the gameplay is good). When I first started playing, I died several times. Part of this was my own stupidity and the other part curiosity which got me into trouble. By my fourth or so life I realized something though–I wasn’t dying anymore–ever. This is when I began being less enthralled with the environment around me and more taken out of the game and its story. This wasn’t because I was just that smooth or anything (I don’t consider myself to be that good at games) and it wasn’t because I had any sort of environmental benefit of the outfits (at the time). What it came down to is that it was simply too easy. Before I get into why it was too easy, I want to give reasons why it wasn’t too easy because one of the biggest failings of RPG’s that I’ve played is that they think difficulty = more enemy health, more enemy damage (I’m looking at you, Fallout). The combat is good. It’s fun, fast paced, and balanced. I rarely ever could fight off three Wellies without taking serious damage, and one Bobbie was enough to take me down if I wasn’t prepared for him. It also wasn’t too easy because there were too many health options for me to use (though it would make sense to make consumables take time to use). Even the outfits which I got later on didn’t make it too easy, though some balancing/tweaking might make them a bit more suitable...excuse my terrible pun... So why do I think its too easy then? Simply put, there aren’t enough consequences. If I break into a house, kill a man, then the alarm gets tripped and one Bobbie comes to investigate, he looks around, and if you’re careful, doesn’t find you. Then what? He just leaves. He doesn’t call for back up. The body of the husband is still there, wife cooking and lounging like nothing happened. The house now only has one person protecting it, and is easy pickings. Nothing of mine is lost–they don’t even lock up their house. You’re walking in the streets, suddenly grandma recognizes you as a downer (maybe if she would make chocolate chip cookies instead of oatmeal raisin I wouldn’t be so down...) and you’re being chased by Bobbies and town folk alike! Quick, you dodge into an alley, you walk around the corner and...and...! You’re free. You look around, no one notices you. You go into the street, things are normal as ever. Find the exit hatch? Great! Oh no, the (only two) Bobbies are chasing you away! Look a phone booth, take your joy, suddenly back to normal! Guess what? Those Bobbies walk more slowly than you! Get over to the hatch, unlock it easily with a lockpick, you’re home free! I really enjoyed gathering up resources to try and improve myself, but when you can lose the guard without using half your stamina, when you can dupe the Wellies and the Bobbies without losing anything, when you can lure the guards away and escape the dangers of the city without a hitch, you don’t need to gather up resources. You don’t need to be careful or even skillful. I even did a test run yesterday where I sped to the exit and within twenty minutes the game was over. I don’t want this post to come across as overly negative because I really enjoyed my time with We Happy Few so far–and though I do think the game is too easy, I have some ideas on simple fixes that will make the game more enjoyable and more enthralling. The fixes I had in mind: -Bobbies chase you much longer, line of sight improved so you can’t stand across a clearing and have them stop chasing you. -Stamina drains other stats when it runs out. Have you ever been for a long run? Have you ever been chased? I have. I was thirsty afterwards. Like, really thirsty. Adding drain on your other stats when your stamina reaches zero would completely change the dynamic of being chased–you wouldn’t want to anymore because the resource cost would be well, more costly. You would have to be more careful to look like a Wellie so that you don’t drain your resources due to being chased. -Alarms tripped and bodies need to raise alertness of everyone in the area and call in many more Bobbies for a longer time. There should never be a situation where an alarm can be tripped and, in the same day, I can go back to the same house and loot it some more. Jimmies and lockpicks are expensive and if they would just lock up completely after being broken into it would make breaking in much more costly if failed. -Regional consequences to actions should be built in. This may be more difficult than what I listed above and I understand the constraints of game design/programming costs that goes into these things–but wouldn’t it be great if, even if you didn’t trip any alarms, after breaking into a house/murdering those inside if the whole town went on higher alert? More Bobbies would spawn, people would detect downers more easily, and maybe even Uncle Jack could talk about a break-in on his show? That would really draw me in as a player. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them from other players along with developers because I’ve browsed around the forums a bit and people seem pretty split on the subject. Is the game too easy? Too difficult? Let’s talk about it.
  9. According to the kickstarter comment as of 6 minutes ago, it will still be a few hours. The direct comment: Hey guys and girls - yes, we're still planning to send these out today IT IS COMING. It's 3:30pm our time, but I'd say the build is still a few hours away. We wanted to make a couple of big improvements that are coming in a little bit hot, so we're doing some last minute testing/implementation/fixes. We will make a Kickstarter Update shortly, but then I would recommend checking your email over the next several hours (including your spam folder). In the meantime, if you would like to head over to and register on our forums, that will be a better place to talk about the build! This comment section will get a little bit cluttered... www.compulsiongames.com/forum. - Sam
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