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  1. Hmm fair enough, but I'm just always a stickler about the whole "self regulating" thing when it comes to unbalanced items. If they don't fit in with the rest of the game they shouldn't be there. Oh and I tried speed running again and got an even better time (had better luck) http://tinypic.com/r/14e42kn/8 Day 1, 11:05 PM Only one note here, If the check point requires an elctro shock zapper or key card, the bobbies on the other side shouldn't open the door if they see you're a downer. In this run through I just went up and punched the bobby on my side, the bobbies on the other side opened the door to get me, and I ran right past them. So yeah bobbies shouldn't open doors for you that are suppose to be part of a challenge. Managed to win this run through without killing anyone, having to use any healing items, eating, drinking, ect. I basically just ran straight to the Scenario, grabbed what I needed, ran through the next check point (after tricking bobbies to open it) jumped into a hide out to make a lock shocker, and then I punched the two guarding bobbies and ran around the block back tot he hatch and opened it. I do wonder what their plan is to extend the time it takes to win. I'm guessing more things you have to collect to get through, but can't know for sure atm.
  2. Yes folks that time already, upon looking at a beautiful piece of art that is We Happy Few I said "I wonder how fast I can get this over with." And that time was? About one day for me! http://tinypic.com/r/64o420/8 I got to the escape door with the option to unlock it by 9:20 am day 2. Some thoughts on how to make the game more difficult without changing up too many things 1. Remove the hammer pipe from the Butchers shop. It's way too easy to get and makes fighting bobbies a joke. 2. Make the Scenarios harder to do. They offer the Key, a good weapon, and enough supplies to last the rest of the game. Make them not easy! The butchers shop you need to kill just one lowly Wellie, and the pawn shop is even easier. 3. If you just run away and turn lots of corners you'll lose all pursuit in about 10 seconds. I bolted right through every check point, sure I had 4 bobbies on me, but after making two turns into alleys while running I lost them. Make it so that the bobbies have a chance to catch you, right now they lose aggro before you run out of stamina it seems. 4. Make it so that it takes a minute to apply healing, I assume this is planned, but right now with an inventory full of meds (that I got from the scenario) you won't die. With a few med kits (3) and a hammer pipe, I had no issue killing he bobbies. So yeah, make it so it takes a second to apply. 5. More stuff like the happy bridges! This one was my second attempt at speed running, my first one got wrecked by od'ing in a joy bridge. Making us have to sprint past a few Bobbies isn't much of a challenge. 6. Alcohol should have Joy in it. I lived off it and victory meat during the speed runs, because I picked up enough alcohol from garbage cans and victory meat just restores a lot of food. 7. Entrance into the city should have a real check point more often. Things that did slow me down 1. The joy bridge. 2. In the speed run I'm posting about the Scenario (the butcher shop) wasn't connected to the City, I had to back track through the waste to get to the City, which meant two more check points to get by. So that was good. 3. Since I left the waste without doing anything I didn't have the needed mechanical parts to make the electro lock shocker, and it took me about 3 minutes to find a bobby by themselves that I could brain with my Hammer Pipe to get the key card. I personally think it'd be a good idea to need an electro shock zapper AND a key card. That would have slowed me down considerably. Anyway I could have done quite a bit better, not only did I mess up dealing with the bobbies guarding the exit (I kept getting stuck on invisible walls while trying to drop aggro of a few) and I didn't get super lucky with placement, but I think two attempts are good for one day. In total for this speed run I robbed only 1 house (the butchers house) and killed 3 people (the Butcher and 2 bobbies at the escape hatch entrance) and I don't think I crafted anything since I got the key card. So what do you guys think? Anyone beat my time? And anyone else have ideas on how to make the game take a bit more chewing without making it grindy?
  3. I keep wondering, what are the wastrels? I know some people call them "downers" but I don't think that's correct, as they talk about taking Joy and they "Try" to act like wellies. They have teas parties, worship the tv with uncle jack, attack the player unprovoked for being a downer, ect. All things wellies doe, but they seem insane about it (well a different type of insane compared to wellies.) My best guess is that they are people who had a bad reaction to Joy, so either take it and deal with the side effects, or are on a never ending with drawl. So I almost wonder if they're downers but not by choice (like the player) but are instead forced to be downers who desperately want to be a wellie, but they can't for some reason. What do you guys think?
  4. Or the butchers shop, or some other "event" either way it'll be a special store where you can find a special key.
  5. yeah they can be used for banger, still confusing that they can't hold water though.
  6. Riot - City- dead wastrels laying around with bobbies around them/picking through them for contraband. The wastrels will have purified water, unjoyed food, and weapons on them. Fellow Downer - Village - a wellie is acting sporadically, but is still managing to avoid getting the bobbies called on him. If you interact with him in some way he'll help you in some way (maybe by sharing map information) if you do he'll immediately run off to somewhere .But you can kill him without penalty if you choose and he'll be well armed, but have stuff similar to what you'd carry around (anti future devices, lock shocker, filtered water, ect.) Trapped in the maze - bridge with Joy Maze - you'll find someone who got turned around and died from a never ending stream of joy. Even wellies who are use to joy can't be in there for more than a few minutes.
  7. Can't wait! Awesome game all the way though and I'm sure it'll get better. Thanks for the response!
  8. So I managed to do it in one shot (never died obviously) . Took me awhile but I wanted to explore the entire map, or I would have done it faster, so here's my opinion.... 1. The bobbies shouldn't chase you into the Waste. From a immersion perspective it doesn't make sense as that's where they want you to stay, from game play it makes getting past the bridges super easy. You run into a crowd of Wastrels and they murder the wellies/bobbies that come over. Taking heavy casualties, sure. But they win... and once they kill one they like to pick up the weapon the bobby was carrying. Then they REALLY win. 2. Does having vsync off mess up hitting? I would swing at the back of someone not moving 5-6 times and not hit them once. Was super aggravating, so I mostly used only stealth. Even with hammer pipe I couldn't hit anyone. Maybe I just sucked, either way i meant I beat the game with out ever having to kill someone more than a handful of times, either using take downs, stealthing, dragging them to the Waste, or jumping into an underground hatch to drop aggro. 3. Victory meat needs to give more joy. Once I had control of the butchers shop food was 100% irrelevant as V meat gave a lot food for not very much joy, so I lived off of it mostly for about 4-5 days and barely ate anything else. Between that and being able to hop to the Waste for water the "survival" aspect was null as I had tons of food and water without ever breaking a rule. 4. I got really tired of how every time I killed someone in the street with a take down they'd fly into the air and land on a roof. Freaking rag dolls 5. can the multi tool work as an unbreakable lock pick? 6. It should take a minute to get into the under ground bunker places, since it's way to easy to just jump down there and sleep whenever you get called out. Also sleeping should probably take away some food/water 7. One more "Challenge" of some sort to escape would be awesome. 8. Popping a joy pill and stealthing with the dark jacket on let me get to the escape hatch and pick it open before the cops could get angry. 9. Having a dead bobby around should shoot up suspicion of anyone that sees you by it/looting it. 10. I had an insane amount of fun and once I figure out how to actually hit things will probably try to beat it with a combat approach instead of ninja approach. Oh and hopefully I won't get the butcher event this time
  9. SPOILER ALERT!!! The shock locker is needed to "Win" (I think we win... or it unleashes a giant cloud of Joy that insta turns you into a wellie forever, I'm not quite sure since it goes all white and you hear a bunch of wellies talking) When you get to the city you need to use the multi tool (should have gotten it in butchers shop) to get into a special escape hatch (guarded by like 4 bobbies and 3 or so patrols in the area) and then inside is a door you either need a key card (rare drop from wellies) or an electro shock zapper. Anti future device you attach to the side of an alarm system to make it go hay wire.
  10. Another post on the KS comments if you guys didn't catch it "Quick update: we're still ironing out a few fixes. Still a few hours to go, I suspect, so I'm sorry to our English friends, and players in Europe! It'll be there when you wake up I know it's a bit frustrating for you guys, but we're doing this to make sure it's the best experience we can make it. - Sam"
  11. They just posted this on the Kick Starter "Hey guys and girls - yes, we're still planning to send these out today IT IS COMING. It's 3:30pm our time, but I'd say the build is still a few hours away. We wanted to make a couple of big improvements that are coming in a little bit hot, so we're doing some last minute testing/implementation/fixes. We will make a Kickstarter Update shortly, but then I would recommend checking your email over the next several hours (including your spam folder). In the meantime, if you would like to head over to and register on our forums, that will be a better place to talk about the build! This comment section will get a little bit cluttered... www.compulsiongames.com/forum. - Sam"
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