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  1. I had to come up with a story off the top of my head because i had to babysit my 10 year old nephew Friday and there was no freaking way that i was waiting for him to leave before jumping on. So the story i fed him was there's a poor town and a rich town and because they are all sad that there was a war they decided to all start using *scary evil voice* DRUGS... but when you take drugs you get addicted so you need more and more and the poor people couldn't afford them, so they would steal and kill for it. The rich people kicked the poor people out Which Made Them crazy and that's why they chase you. When you sneak into the rich town you can blend in but you are poor so you have to break into peoples homes to find food and water, @GBH regarding the doses I just assumed since they have been taking it for so long and they lace everything with joy that they need a constant supply and therefor what you take is extremely potent hence the crashing from just a couple pills. ( on a side note in retrospect im realizing what a awesome storyteller i am and i should become a children's author)
  2. Do you equipt them or are they used with secondary like the lock picks?
  3. @xiiMaRcLeoN im pretty sure that the FBI will want to take a look at your computer . jk
  4. So i have been playing 6.0 for a few hours now. Died a couple times mainly just jumping off rooftops or harassing Bobbys. Then i got an Awesome starting base with great loot and a nice garden district ( out of curiosity @sam were there alot of shovel related incidents around the office cuz you guys must have been swinging shovels in real life to get the feel genuine. Feels super satisfying to crack sppl with that sombitch. ) anyway i ended up in the nice part of town at a shelter and was able to experiment with the crafting. A few of the items though i cant seem to equip or use IE the Electro Lock Shocker and Anti Future Device. Have they been implemented in the build yet or are they just buildable but not useable? Haven't really seen anywhere online about them either??? just wondering . Other than that game is running great. the few minor things that others have mentioned but besides that looking good so far.
  5. yay steam is chugging along now good luck with the uncle jack bug hope you all get to rest this weekend and hope your migraine @Sam passes. might i suggest a rolling pin or cricket bat to the head that usually puts me tight to sleep for at least 8-10 hours only minor side effects lol jk
  6. I think they are done and just playing the new build and drinking all the beer we bought the. lol
  7. OMG thanks i was scared that i was alone and something horrible went wrong, and there was laughter and happy music coming from behind some wall and they wouldn't let me in. I'M NO Wastrel, I"M A WELLIE !!!
  8. sorry if this is somewhere, but when and how will the kick-starters be getting their alpha access ??
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