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  1. I ordered the $60 package of the game on backerkit a while back and was supposed to get the soundtrack and artbook pdf along with the game, and they just never showed up. What's the best way to get this solved?
  2. Thank you, I see the 8 gb update now. I'll be playing this all night.
  3. I've reinstalled the game and I've verified the integrity of game files. Every time I try to open the game I get "Failed to open descriptor file '../ ../ ../GlimpseGame/GlimpseGame.uproject' Any help?
  4. You know, the one that was in the Kickstarter trailer? The song that first played when you took joy in the pre-alpha version of the game. I miss that, and I was never able to have that song. I bought the soundtrack with the game on backerkit but I never remember redeeming it, maybe it's somewhere in there? Song from this trailer:
  5. @Clement I had the same problem where Uncle Jack wasn't talking. I'm on PC.
  6. @Clement Thank you so much, helpful as always
  7. First of all, congratulations on your release, I'm loving the new update. Now here are my questions: 1. Any news on the soundtrack? 2. When is the Wellie mode expected to come out? 3. Will there be steam trading cards, backgrounds, emotes, etc. *EDIT* 4. Is there still a way to access the console?
  8. That trailer makes me even more excited for the soundtrack. That music in the ending along with Uncle Jack's laugh just gave me chills.
  9. You will be able to experience the complete narrative when the game goes into full release next year.
  10. @Nautilus I can't get enough of your screenshots. I may or may not have a slideshow of your screenshots as my desktop background...
  11. Any idea on when we'll be getting the soundtrack? I can't wait
  12. That song that is played at the start and finish of the E3 footage, I need to know what that is, I love it. If someone could let me know on what the song is, that would be amazing. (Unless it's something you guys put together yourselves, then I'll be more hyped for the soundtrack!)
  13. @Nautilus How do you take these amazing screenshots? The ones that I take aren't half as good.
  14. @Nautilus I hope you don't mind if I just made that bottom picture my desktop background <3
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