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  1. I've been trying to play this game for a while, I stopped ages ago when the inventory crashes came about because of how frequent they were. After a couple of months, I read how lots of them seemed to be fixed, and Indeed I didn't crash within the first 5 minutes. However, not long after I made my way into the main areas of Wellington Wells I had a random crash and lost about 30 minutes of work and two particularly hard bridges. I can appreciate how this is an actual "alpha" and not just a marketing stunt, but could a concession be made here? Even if it's taken out later once the game's pretty stable.
  2. @Sam That sounds like I shouldn't use my screen name for it, thanks.
  3. I'm trying to get off my arse and finalize my details for backerkit but one of the questions is asking me for a name that's going to be included in the game. I couldn't remember one of the tiers asking for a name so I wanted to confirm if this was just to list all of the backers in the credits or if I had earned something like naming a npc or important person in the game. What's this name for?
  4. Not sure what happened then, he has since performed a clean install of the operating system. He's able to play the game, and even found some motilene puddles, something I haven't seen at all. So I can't tell you if the hotfix helped, or if whatever was broken was fixed with the clean install.
  5. Friend backed the game on Backerkit, was sent a code and then he keeps crashing when he tries to start a new game. He's on Windows 10, wanted to see if others got it running successfully.
  6. Probably a grandma that didn't leave the scene. The game has trouble dealing with the old bags it seems.
  7. You cannot get this game for free. You need to pay money using Backer Kit Currently you have to pay $60 canadian dollars to get pre-alpha access, or $30 canadian dollars to get the game when it's released on steam. If you pay for pre-alpha access, you should get a email with a key. You can redeem that key on steam.
  8. I generally get my Cricket Bats through the lockers. Fairly certain they aren't found in things like Wardrobes. And from the stats, they are worse than shovels in every way (More stamina, less damage). I think they last a bit longer though.
  9. I've contributed to Pre-Alpha on kickstarter, but intend to get the tier that gives you the "Collecters edition" of Contrast. Should I wait for enough cash to pledge before giving Backerkit my details, or am I able to upgrade to the Collector's edition after getting the basic version through Backerkit?
  10. You can either pick the boxes, only one of which has loot inside of them. Or you can patch her up and feed her, and she gives you a key which can unlock all 5 boxes before breaking. It drops on the ground if you don't have the space after feeding her.
  11. FYI, drinking a bottle of Alcohol will give a large glass bottle, if you don't have two vertical spaces in your inventory, it drops at your feet. Making a bandage does not leave a empty bottle behind.
  12. Kickstarter keys have been given out, you're not the first to say you slipped through the cracks. Don't know what's happening with the ones who slipped by.
  13. Just trying to see what framerate everyone else is running at. On ultra I'm getting 20-24 fps and on Low I'm getting 29-30.
  14. Should have been automatic man
  15. Game crashed on an unrelated matter, but I can report three wastrels are just enough to beat a bobby
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