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  1. Some things for the dev team (submitting things now, before the game project will ever get gold status ) : While player WHF Alpha 6.1: - When i rebind keys (having a EU AZERTY keyboard), i use E to walk forward. When searching a body or object i have the option to 'take all items'. This also uses the E key. Why can't i rebind the key for 'take all items', or is the in-game menu item not displaying the current assigned key bind? - When switching alt-tab and re-enter the game menu, i got black blocks on the upper edge of my screen . - You should also consider adding sfx volum adjust. I use usb speakers, that don't have a HW volume control, so when playing WHF i'm forced to alt-tab to change master volume. Many gamers will like this feature. - you should consider performance tweaking options for people with lower spec Intel Graphics cards. Many users still have computers with Intel graphics cards. I tested on one of my Intel i5 Nuc's with HD6000. You can play, but fps is very low (tested on a 21" screen), so i had to lower the res to 1024x768 in order to get smooth performance. I can play Dishonored or Bioshock Infinite on the native res with medium settings an still got smooth graphics. Invest in some hardware with lower spec videocards and give the QA team some extra work You will get a wider audience playing the game.
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