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  1. Well starting a new game would definitely fix it, but I'm sure there's a similar command to make the actors stop ignoring the player.
  2. Sounds like your Joy pills are working as intended to me!
  3. There is one guy who has sent a joke to Jack in one of his broadcasts who is "not a real englishman, he's an afrikaan from africa. But he's doing his patriotic duty to fit in!". So there's definitely non-whites in and around the town, even if we can't see them yet.
  4. Half-life, THPS2, Puzzle Pirates, Borderlands... I've had a few. I don't think I knew it waas called Tetris Syndrome though, that's cool.
  5. Excellent! That will really tie the town together.
  6. The answer to your question is in a pinned topic at the top of the forum section you just posted in. (And yes you'll need to pay for pre-alpha access) http://www.compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/880/where-to-get-the-game-pre-alpha#latest
  7. Your second question has been hit on a couple of times, and yes, the artists are working on more variations of buildings. It'll take time though. The Alleyways idea is brilliant though. actual narrow cobbled alleys between buildings instead of just small grassy areas would be really great. Some of the larger grassy bits would still make sense but a little narrow maze of alleys would be awesome, especially for losing people who are chasing you. This would maybe help partially fix the problem with some gaps between buildings being not quite wide enough to walk down causing the player to get stuck, too. Maybe if @Nalia or @Sam see this they will get the idea to the right people, and see if it's workable?
  8. 4. My only specific issues was a system that combines being frail with permadeath, as it means a solid game can be lost in an instant. However, I'm guessing this will change as the game does. While this is a valid point, I'd like to say that this also can add to the game. The sense of tension you get when everything is going well and then you make a slight mistake and suddenly everything is in jeopardy... it works really well.
  9. @Sam The water system is changing - I'm a little surprised that people aren't using the water purification system, but that's good feedback. I do use the purification system when I can, just, charcoal can be kinda scarce sometimes, and you need a bunch of it if you want to carry large bottles. And then if you decide you need to craft some bangers, there goes any charcoal you might find. The purification system as is is pretty good, although the way it uses bottles is a bit weird (logic to me says you'd need a spare empty bottle, but maybe thats just too complex), and how it wont let you purify a bottle if your inventory is full (probably because it checks to see if there's room for the new bottle before it takes the old one out?) Overall I found it easier to just run back to the garden district and use a pump to fill up. You tend to go through a lot of water if you need to keep taking joy then going through withdrawl to get over a bridge.
  10. I purposefully didn't play for a little while, then booted up the new update a few daays ago to give it a whirl with a fresh perspective. I saved a recording of the whole thing, if you want to watch ~3 hours of gameplay. Quite a lot of that is me getting lost and confused though. There's 2 videos - http://www.twitch.tv/aiziril/v/10490962 - 1st session (2h12min) (I think there might be a death toward the start, I forget if I recorded that part) http://www.twitch.tv/aiziril/v/10539142 - 2nd session (49min) Some feedback - The new stuff is good! I like the increased island size, it feels more sprawling and a but more adventurous when exploring. It also feels harder, which is nice. Combat with the average wastrel is harder, and having to find/craft the specific things to escape gives a nice structure. I like the change to rotten foods, but I feel the health loss from food poisoning is far too harsh. I ate a thing to see how bad it was and it killed me in really short order. Also, with the new island sizes, I resorted late on to trying to map out all the streets to find the fuses scenario because that was the only place left that I thoought I could get a multi-tool. And even with 99% of the Village mapped I still somehow missed it until really late on. This had unfortunate consequences. Also it makes running back and forth to the garden district a little bit of a chore if you want some clean water. I got a really nice roll on the Garden-Village bridge though, so that helped. That new Future-Joy-Bridge is a pain in the butt though. And I think the joy detector bugged the first time I went in, I had over 50% Joy but the siren went off anyway? Love the new map widget, feels better and looks better. The new suit crafting system feels better. I've definitely noticed an increase in sewing kit drops, and the different types of linen is a good touch. Having said that I tried the thick suit after a while of using a dark suit and instantly swapped back because it made everyone suspicious riught away. This kinda makes it useless because i doubt the protection is enough to hold off that many wellies. I ran into several small bugs, most of which I can't remember now or have already been noted in previous threads. One thing I have noticed, is that the female Wastrels will sometimes snap "Back off!" at you, and sometimes it can kind of sound like they're telling you to F off. While this is technically pretty accurate for annoyed english people I'm not sure that's the effect you were going for. Overall really good progress, looking forward to the future.
  11. @YourFavouriteDwarf Did you not read the intro textbox you get at ther start of every game? It says there's a maintenance hatch you need to find...
  12. Wells is actually a city, so defined because it has it's own cathedral. It's easily the smallest city in England though, and yeah its pretty small in general - you'd think it was a medium sized town if there weren't signs everywhere calling it "The cathedral city of Wells" It's a nice place though. Fun fact: the majority of Hot Fuzz was filmed in Wells, and that was supposed to be set in a small village.
  13. Wellington wells is supposed to be "Located in the southwest of England", according to the kickstarter info. Which makes sense since Wellington and Wells are a town and city respectively in Somerset in SW England. Less than an hour down the road from me. Interesting stuff about Gibraltar though.
  14. I think my biggest issue with the map as is, is the icons are quite large so it's not always clear exactly where they are meant to be on the map.
  15. I'm on the side of no minimap, more landmarks. I think the compass is good enough for general navigation, and having a minimap would mean more time spent looking at that, and less time noticing little details in the world. Also, I get that more variety in buildings and therefore more recognisable areas is a matter of time, so that will get better as the artists complete more assets. I think a proper minigame would subtract from the experience though. My opinion.
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