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  1. I've run into a glitch where I can't leave the shelter. It prompts to hold E in order to exit and fades out after holding down the correct key. After a second it reloads the shelter.
  2. Something I noticed that was pretty frustrating on my last playthrough. I was wandering through wellington wells looking for the shelter in the second island. I came across a bobby fighting another wellie. I stopped for a sec to watch and when I started to walk past I pulled out my frying pan for some reason and this caused another bobby to attack me. I'm not sure what put me in combat mode but I died pretty quick right after.
  3. The reason you want to have the save while playing option is if the game crashes you can reload. Since it's still in the pre-alpha that isn't an uncommon occurrence.
  4. Has anybody else had the safe houses be completely dark the after you leave the first time? Every time I go back into a safe house there is some light from sources inside but it doesn't really light anything outside the light sources immediate area. I even tried turning on the TV but no luck. I basically wander around till something highlights.
  5. Village - A wellie is standing inside a house next to an open window. If he talks to the player and the player replies he/she will invite you in for tea and biscuits (if you take the joy pill he/she offers you when you get to the door). Could be a way for a player to get food and water if they're desperate. There could also be a random number of wellies in attendance for this little tea party.
  6. Thanks Compulsion! The wait for the key was definitely worth it. My first try at the game had a pretty consistent one of bad luck. There was nothing in the starting location and I spent the first five minutes running from house to house looking for anything I could use (some bits of metal made great lock picks and a single joy pill). When I tried to move to another section I took the pill to get the cops off my back then proceeded to OD trying to get through some maze. I didn't get too far from the safe house the next day and got killed by a group of wellies. It was some of the most fun I've had with a game in a while. The only bug that really caused me issue was there would be weird points when I seem to hit a wall and my character would have a hard time moving around. It was mainly on the lighted walkways in the nicer parts of town. All in all though great game. Can't wait to see 6.1. PS: I love the way Uncle Jack is incorporated into the game through the radio and television sets. Definitely sets the mood when you're wandering about the town.
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