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  1. It looks like you just need to go here, pick the preorder level you want, and go to check out. You'll then be asked for your payment information normally.
  2. So I take it that this means that @Bloodsrain was right, and no matter how many you remove the same will simply spawn more the next day? No ability to drive the Wellies into a frenzy when they realize that five people have disappeared?
  3. On the Kickstarter page there are three methods of survival listed: combat, conformity, and stealth. Each is meant to be viable, but it's obvious that taking out the Wellies in a straight-up fight just isn't going to happen. There are too many of them, and you're not that much stronger than any one of them. So that got me to thinking: what if you combined stealth and combat to slowly pick the Wellies off one by one when they were alone? How would the game respond to this? Does it just say "there are X amount of Wellies on the map at any given time" or once you get rid of one is that one less on the map forever? If it does keep track of losses, how would the AI react to the spate of disappearances? In short: can combat be a long-term strategy, or is it just a short-term tool you use to meet specific objectives?
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